Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Vist From Granny Murphy...

While our best friends were off on their "Maiden Voyage" camping trip in their newly acquired RV, we had the honor of taking care of Granny Murphy. 

Yup, they pretty much just dropped Granny off with a bag of food and went on their merry way.  Sounds like a harsh way to treat someone in their 90's, doesn't it?  Once she realized that this was a Resort Vacation, she settled in just fine...she is, after all, a DOG! :)

Murphy has never been the Chez Charest Resort before, so the first thing that needed to be done was a "Tour of the Grounds"...Stormie acted as her tour guide...

NOTE:   Voices are as follows:
Stormie: sweet, precious, little girl, with just a tiny hint of attitude
Murphy: gruffy old woman voice, just drop 2 octives, go ahead and throw in a southern twang...

WHAT?  You don't 'speak' for your pets?????

Stormie:  "Let's begin our tour at the back of the yard...there's a REALLY cute Pit named Tank who lives back there, he has big muscles and...oh....I guess you're too OLD to care.  Ok, so this is the garden....and um, that's a bag of dirt,...and..."

Stormie:  "Ummm, Murphy,...I smell something kinda weird...did you????  Ewwww...wait, actually, that's kinda a neat smell..."

Stormie:  "This is where you can hang out in the hammock after breakfast, or after morning nap, or after the mail comes, or after mom makes lunch, or ...well, just whenever."

Murphy:  Woah!  How am I supposed to get down from here...oh my!  I got up here?  Is there a button to push for assistance???"

Stormie:  "Hey Mom!  Look at what a good Tour Guide I am...do I get chicken for all this hard work???"

Stormie:  "Man, I'm worn out!  Hey Murphy, wanna drink?  Oh, I guess you're too OLD to do this...you'll have to use a bowl."

Stormie:  "So, Murphy, you're not sad that you have to stay down there, right?  YOUR Mom told MY Mom that you have "Oil" problems on your skin...I don't know what that means, I just know that I don't have any problems like that...MY Mom says I smell good ALL the time...like Baby Powder, and sometimes like Fritos!  Yum! :) ...Sorrryyyyy"

Murphy:  "Oh dear.  She is a bit chatty isn't she?  I'm really tired of hearing her talk.  Can I just rest for a while?"

Stormie:  "Ok, good, just stick your head through there,...then pick up your front leg and put it through there too...don't you get it?"

Murphy:  "That's easy for YOU to say,...you're only 38!"

Stormie:  "Look Murphy, it's really not THAT difficult.  Just come through, come on!  You can do it Old Lady!"

Murphy:  "Alright, kiddo, who you callin' Old Lady?  It's time for you to back off, let me do it MY way!"

Murphy: "Wow!  I did it!  I did it!  I feel like a kid again!  That was fun!"

Breakfast and Dinner were served on the Lanai...

Stormies Dad had been working all day, then came home and worked all evening on the RV, he was tired, but not TOO tired to lay down and "love" on our honored guest.

Murphy:  "Uncle Mike, you're so kind, and you're so funny too!  I like you.  Um, what's wrong with Stormie though?"
Stormie: "Hey, Dad!  Look at me!  Aren't I cute?  Why are you touching HER?  She's OLD.  I'm FUN.  She's DUMB.  I'm SMART.  Look how cute I am!  Hey, Dad, look here, watch this...look at me..."

Dad:  *sigh*

Once the evening came to an end, Granny Murphy retired to the guest quarters and snuggled up for a good nights sleep...this had been a tough first day learning all the ropes of Chez Charest.  She made every effort to breathe loudly enough so that the household would know she was sleeping well.

The following day, Granny snuck away quietly felt comfortable enough to head out on a nature hike  in peace without her guide.

After her nature hike she rested by the Fountain of Youth, posing for the Resort Photographer.

Stormie kept a close eye, ever watchful that Murphy shouldn't trip or fall...she really is a caring...or is she just pouting because she didn't get chicken?

On the last day at Chez Charest Resort, Murphy was practicing one of her moves from her "Stretching For The Elderly" class, when she heard a familiar voice at the door!

She was so happy, she actually did a sweet little hop up and down several times, Daddy was here to take her home to her family.

Resort vacations are certainly nice, but it's always good to see the ones you love...

Murphy: "Come on Dad!  We're outta here!"


  1. Oh that is so funny. She looks so cute at your house. And of course I had the voices going the whole time.
    Thank you for watching Granny! LOL!
    LOve you!

  2. LOL you are so funny - How old is Granny?

  3. Aww this such a CUTE story!
    Love all the pictures...My favorite was the one next the fountain youth!
    Have an Awesome Wednesday!!

  4. What a great post! I love it!! Sooo cute!!!

  5. Oh, cute! Looks like she had a good time (the dog, not Kim. Although she probably did too, lol!). So, are you getting your RV fixed so you guys can go with them next time?

    Loved your gazebo and swing in your backyard.

  6. That was SO cute and SO funny!!! Love it! Looks like the dogs got along just fine. You have a lovely doggie resort! :)

  7. That is too funny. I love all the pictures. Those doggies are adorable.

  8. Oh.my.gosh...that was the sweetest post! How fun to see the world through Stormie and Murphy's eyes...and words. With two doggies of our own that post hit a soft spot with me. Thanks for sharing!
    Peace and blessings to your day.