Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beautiful Blooms

I took a stroll around my yard this morning with my Macro Lens.  Flowers that are so tiny are sometimes not even seen when you look out at the yard, but up close, they can be so beautiful!

Come join me in the garden…

Blue Daze

  blue daze

Yellow Butterfly Weed

butterfly weed

The “Flower” on the top of a corn stalk…one that was planted via birdseed. ;)

corn flower

Center of an orange Cosmo flower

cosmos flower

Hearts and Flowers

hearts and flowers macro

hearts and flowers plant

pink hearts and flowers

hearts and flowers

Itsy Bitsy Baby Lemons…or Limes?  Not sure yet.

lime bud

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather with bee mexican heather

Mother of Millions…this plant is interesting.  It’s a succulent and all the baby plants grow along the edge of the Mother plants leaves.  They drop into the soil and root themselves.

Mother of Millions Plant

Pink Vinca

  pink vinca pink vinca flower



Purple Lantana

purple lantana

Red Geranium

red geranium

Yellow Clover Flower

yellow clover flower

Yellow Shrimp Plant

Yellow Shrimp Plant 2 yellow shrimp plant flower yellow shrimp plant macro yellow shrimp plant top yellow shrimp plant

How about you?  What do you see in your yard today?