Friday, December 9, 2011

The “Proposal” Photos

No, I was not there, hiding behind a palm tree, camera in hand, however, I did obtain permission to use their photos on my blog. Smile

Since this is coming “second hand” you cannot expect it to be the “perfect” retelling of their proposal story, but I will pass it on to you as best I understood that it took place.

Cris took Christina to Costa Rica to celebrate her birthday.  Don’t you know, he had something else planned for that trip as well?  Smile

He had thought carefully and fully about the choice he was about to make.  He had made the phone call, asking her Dad for her hand in marriage.  He had cut and pasted several ring photos and designed the “perfect” one.

He was having the ring custom made for her, and began the process quite some time ago.  A couple of weeks before the trip, he went to pick up the ring only to find out that they had made it incorrectly!!!  I can only imagine the panic feeling that must have set it.  However, they were able to remake the ring and I’m sure Cris was sweatin’ it when the ring was ready the DAY BEFORE they flew out!  Yikes! 

However, this time it was perfect.  Just as he had seen it in his mind.  Absolutely lovely.


He knew that after they got settled and began to see the sites, he would find the perfect spot for the proposal.  He did, and on the afternoon of Christina’s birthday he suggested they go for a walk to a nearby waterfall which was on the property of the resort they were staying at.  He had already requested the staff to have some flowers and champagne set up at the base of the waterfall for this occasion.

When Cris suggested they go for a walk, Christina explained that she was pretty tired and thought it would be nice to just take a nap and relax.

Cris stood there, dressed head to toe in hiking clothes, no doubt determined to get her out on that walk. 

Cris agreed, a “small” nap before a hike would be a good idea, lol.  He probably paced and stared at his watch the whole time.  When she was rested and ready to go, he suggested she wear a pretty dress, since it would be a nice day to take photos by the waterfall. 

Absolutely adorable…


Indiana Jones!…oh wait…that’s my son. Smile


Heading down the trail…


When they arrived at the waterfall, Christina spotted the pretty flowers and a bottle of champagne.  What a sweet birthday surprise she thought.


Then she had to actually “get” to it…


After a few moments, Cris suggested that he set the timer on the camera and get a few shots of them together.  Here is the result…



Sigh….that’s pretty much all I can say now. Smile

Oh wait, I can think of one thing.  IF you ever get to go to Costa Rica, I think you should stay at the Rafiki Tent Lodge.  I would.  Period.


  1. *sigh* It's like I was there. But I'm pretty sure they're glad I wasn't. LOL! Well except for maybe being able to take the pictures. Ha!
    Happy times ahead!

  2. Completely charming. My heart melted at these photos. sigh. Absolute loveliness! :)
    I love them both very much. :D

    big hugs, xxx~Kels

  3. What a great story. And what a great job you did putting this together. I am so happy for them as I am sure you are also. I know they could not be happier.
    Hugs - Sharon(Christina's grandmother)

  4. Oh my, what a romantic. I just love the stories, he thought of everything. So happy for them, they look so precious together.