Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stone Mountain Georgia

Georgia was on our mind... until it dropped below 40...then we came back to Florida where we belong. ;)

So we spent our "Happy New Years" at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.  We've been there a couple of times and have enjoyed the Stone Mountain Christmas in the past.  They do hokey "shows" and have a mini-disney feel with the lights, the nightly parade and the snow angel that makes it snow every evening. ;)  All that is fine and dandy, but we really like the train ride at night and the show "The Gift" where the REAL meaning of Christmas is told in an "old town" setting... it's just beautiful.  
The last time we visited was several years ago (at the same time of year) and we sure don't remember it being so crowded...boy howdy was it packed...the campground of full and we are just not into mega crowds.  Last time we visited the campground was nearly empty... that was quite a few years ago, I guess with the addition of "snow Christmas" (snow blowers and tubing) it has become a bigger attraction.  We left early last time we visited due to rain and cold.

Guess what?  We left a day early this time as well.  Don't get me wrong, it's a fun time, and if you have kids, they will definitely love it... but it ain't cheap!  ... and it ain't warm!  lol.  Well, for us thin blooded Florida peeps it was just too cold, especially since our mode of travel while there was "Ruby"... our scooter.... just a weeee bit too cold for us. ;)

Our next trip to Stone Mountain will most likely be in the Spring or Fall, when we can see some color (wildflowers blooming or leaves changing color) and can spend some time hiking the woods in a more decent temperature. ;)

The views from the top of the granite mountain are really lovely, and the hike up is always fun!

Heading out early in the morning....Travelling was lovely until just outside of Atlanta, near McDonough... we hit a nasty traffic snag.  We literally crawled and mostly didn't move at all for 2 1/2 hours!!!!  

Schlotzskys for dinner!!!  Sigh....why can't we just have one near us? :/

Cozy sleep in day...rainy day.

Rainy day breakfast... coffee... pancakes n' bacon.

New Years Eve...day... :)  Lunch at The Commons Restaurant... Nice view of the Mountain and lake.  Good food, decent prices, very friendly service.  Cozy Fireplace. :)

Lovely weather this day... perfect for hiking the Mountain.  

We even got hot ... and worn out, lol.

We like to leave the "beaten path" and take the harder route. ;)  This is part of the "old" trail up the Mtn.  I don't know when or why they changed it...

Awe.... Sweetness! The views are very pretty.

It's way more fun if you don't take the painted "trail" ... as long as you don't pass any signs that say "don't go beyond this point", you are free to roam about... we saw some white tailed deer out there.
 New Years Eve .... millions of lights everywhere...so pretty.

Happy New Year from us two goofies!

Me and Ruby. :)

We took the Tram up the Mtn. this time, it was SO cold... I am actually freezing in this photo.  
 On the train... again... freeeeeeezing!!!!! lol
 New Years Day Night. ;)
 This is me after riding Ruby round the park... it's SO cold!  Let's go home!

Yummy breakfast before we hit the road....
 Packing up...We were on site 151.  It had a deck and a full size gas grill, many sites do.  Very nice addition.  This site overlooks the lake and a nice view of the mountain as well, however it's right on a busy corner.
 Below our campsite, the boat rental (only open in warm months)
 Homeward bound!  Schlotzskys for lunch first... OF COURSE!
 Oh the traffic was SO backed up... wow... Not on our side though...whew!
 Pretty Pecan grove...
 So many people travelling home after the Holidays... crazy busy roads.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunshine, Joy and God’s Wonders! Days 2 & 3

I really should have taken better notes on what we did each day, but I’ll try to make the best of it all!  :)

Thursday:  Cris and Christina brought some of their “new favorite” board games, and after a breakfast of French Toast (homemade French Bread makes the best!), we played Welcome to the Dungeon over coffee.  I normally am not a fan of games with “creepy names”, lol.  But this game was fun, and you had to be really strategic in your moves and thought process… besides I won the two games we played, so I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Morning coffee and game spot…

11825807_10207265183615936_9216151945885973746_n At that point we split up and ran some errands… Christina and I headed to Ron Jons in Cocoa Beach and did the girl thing… looking at suits and souvenirs.  The guys headed to West Marine to gather a few last minute things for the Keys trip.

We met up for a late lunch at The Burger Joint in Downtown Melbourne and pretty much enjoyed some yummy burgers!

The Burger Joint – Downtown Melbourne…


 That evening, back at home we played with the pups, just chilled together and had something yummy for dinner.. I have no memory of what it was! lol 

Sunset from the front yard…


Momma’s always want to kiss their babies! …

11866265_10207265166335504_3258456618133530220_n  11215067_10207265166775515_7832469356395669261_n

Friday:  Boating with the Pups!!!  I had been wanting to do this for such a long time!  We love taking Stormie out on the river, finding a nice little sandbar play area and letting her splash around.  Ever since we knew that Lyra would be coming, I had wanted to take them both out and see how much fun they would have together.

More so, Christina has never seen our area by boat, and I was looking forward to sharing so much with her about where we live. :)

The forecast said rain….sigh… but we don’t usually let that take us down… rain is expected, and not so bad … usually, lol.  It’s the lightening you want to avoid. ;)  We got pretty lucky and skirted most of the storms, but we did get one cold hard rain that passed over eventually, and ended up having such a fun time!

We were not disappointed with sights to see… we saw dolphins frolicking, a manatee, and a blowfish that we were able to observe for a few minutes in a Frisbee. ;)

P7240086 P7240091 P7240099

We wanted to walk around Sampson’s Island, but the mosquitoes ran us off quickly!  …P7240102

Let’s get out of here! …P7240101

Smiling through a hard rain storm…

P7240106 P7240111 P7240112   P7240127 P7240136 P7240148

Beautiful Christina! …

P7240158 P7240166 P7240176 P7240191 P7240203

Lyra got adventurous and stood next to Stormie on the ships bow… ;)


My precious husband and me. :) …


After we were plenty worn out, we headed to Tijuana Flats for dinner, as Cris was really craving it and they just don’t have ‘em over in Texas!