Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photo blogging today...

Pop over here to see my pics for the day... :)


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Joining in...

I've been out of the "constant" blogging loop for quite a while, only popping in from time to time.  However, since my dear friend Kim, over at Homesteaders Heart has tagged me, and only me, I can't help but participate. :)

So, here we go...

I write what I do for many different reasons.  Sometimes it's just because I want to share something that makes me happy, other times I feel that through life experience I may have something to offer, there are times I hope that someone out there in blogland will learn how to create something special for their home, maybe learn a cleaning tip, or take away a special nugget of scripture that God has placed in my heart.  Maybe I just want you to laugh along with me, like that time I had toilet paper hanging out of my shirt at Paneras... sigh.  So, there is no rhyme or reason.


My work is simply different because I am different.  My work is a reflection of the things that make me "me".  We are all unique and different, and isn't that the best part?  We get to see so much diversity in everyone's own creativity, speech and thoughts.

Everything.  :)  I'm always working on something and sometimes even finishing something!!!  Right now, hmmm... really?  Are you sure you want to know?  I'm making my own hammock, I'm building a piece of furniture, I'm sewing throw pillow covers, I'm making an ottoman, I'm 'thinking' about making some purses and signs and pincushions... need I go on?  Oh!  And at exactly this very moment in time, I am making bread. :)... and pizza.  :) ... and I  might make chocolate chip cookies later tonight... help!!!!! :)

Really?  There is supposed to be a process for this?  :)  Sorry...this is where the "deep" answers end... I have no process.  Well, I suppose THIS is my process.... kind of typing and then back spacing and then deleting whole paragraphs.  Walking away, coming back and typing some more.  :)  

So there you have it, not very interesting... I did want to go and backspace and delete and start over, but that's really just "me" up there. :)  Oh!  AND I love to take photos...of flowers and bugs and my dog...and my projects...which is why my projects probably take so long to finish. :)  

So, now it is my job to pass this along to another blogger to complete.  I have been out of the loop for SO long that I hardly know anyone out there anymore, but there are a few who have been sticking around to read my far and few between I will tag my friend Mikki at The Not So Perfect Housewife.  :)  She's always got something great to say; a review, a recipe, a fun story, so pop over there and check her out.  Mikki!!!  You must participate now. :)  :)  

Have a beautiful day!