Friday, April 23, 2010

For Kim...

I really wanted to reply in a comment to all these bullets on my Best Girlfriend, Kim's, post about her camping trip....but then my comment would have been one long I just figured I'd put it on here for her and for all of you too...who knows....maybe you will learn a little sumpin' you never knew...

For those who don't know, she and her hubby have just taken their 1st camping trip in an was just a short 2 day trip, close to home...but these bullet statments are what she posted as "lessons" RED, I add my comments and "tips"... :)

•When you're 6 foot tall and have long hair, a camper shower can and is very difficult to get said hair "really" clean. Wet yes. Clean, not so much! LOL
"Well, this isn't a good start for helpful tips, because I have no idea what it feels like to be 6 foot, so all I can say is...baking soda my friend, brush it in! LOL"

•Always bring more garbage bags than you think you'll need.
"You will learn, as you become 'seasoned', have permanent stuff in the camper; box of garbage bags included, as well as box of saran wrap, foil and a collection of different size zippy bags...never remove them!" :)

•Bring a broom to sweep the constant flow of sand from the floor.
"I recommend a mini handheld vacuum that the kids can use, NOT a battery charged type though.  You can mount it to the wall, or put it in the closet and YOU don't have to do the cleaning up."

•An RV bed isn't very comfortable or long enough when you're 6 foot tall.
"An RV bed isn't very comfortable when you are 5'5" either.  My recommendation...stay up late so that you are VERY tired when you go to will sleep better, LOL"  :)

•Bring rain gear. Especially when it's raining when you leave to go to the site.
"Keep it stored in the camper...NEVER remove it!  Eventually you'll get the hang of realizing you need double of just about makes heading out so much easier, and forgetting things so much less likely"

•Don't forget your husbands coffee mug.
"When you go somewhere really special that has a camp store, buy mugs as memoirs and keep them in the camper.  As you collect things like pot holders, cups, plates, wall decor, they will be fun reminders of places you went everytime you go on another trip."

•Don't leave shrimp out in a bait bucket in the water over night because the raccoons will eat every last one.
"I've basically got nothing useful to say about this." :)

•Make sure you fill the propane tank up BEFORE your camping trip because the guy at the store may be by himself and have to constantly run back and forth to the store to help everyone coming to get gas and you may be sitting there for 45 mins. waiting to get it filled!
"Yes.  Most definitely something you don't want to be doing as you are heading out on your trip.  Just for your info though, the place near our house is always super quick"

•When the lights for the Gray water are all lit up, empty it immediately because the shower stall just might fill full of that water and you (me) might end up cleaning it afterwards.
"Been there, done that.  There's nothing quite like taking a shower when the water starts filling up around your feet...ewwww!  But you WILL learn the ways of the RV my friend, you will.  Wash all the dishes with a soapy sponge, then rinse them quickly.  Don't let the water run.  For showers, it always helps to turn the water off while you soap up, then rinse.  It's amazing how much water just runs into that tank!"

•Roll the awning up before you go to bed so you're (my husband) not rolling it up in a windy rain storm at 1:54 am in ankle deep water.
"Yes.  You will learn "Daniel Son" will learn."

•Bring more snacks, because for some reason you want to eat a lot more when you're not at home.
"And make sure they aren't all that healthy granola and stuff!  That's great to have for hikes and stuff...but you're camping!  Eat a marshmallow!  Make a smores with chocolate chip cookies!  Dip chocolate chip cookies into pudding cups!  Eat key lime pie!....not that I would KNOW, these are just suggestions."

•Don't let your kids "pack" their own things.
", hmmmm, yeah."  LOLOLOL

•Watching your husband empty the Black Water tank is funny. It just is. LOL!
"Ditto...why is that?  I always watch him through the window, are we just sicko's or something?"

•The wind will surely blow out your pilot light for your water heater and someone (me) will end up taking a cold shower.
"Gonna have to say that one's new to us.  We've been through some pretty massive storms, winds and rains and haven't had that happen...might need lookin' into by the Hubbers."
Here is one of the best tips I have for camping, in an RV or in a tent, or even leaving the house for any type of vacation. 
Make a list...ON YOUR COMPUTER.  Print it out each time you are preparing for a trip and cross off each thing as they are done.  This has helped us SO much.  They are categorized into groups like:  Kathy/Mike/Kitchen/Clothing/Toiletries/Stormie (dog)/Games and Entertainment/House/Car
This has helped us many times not to forget packing sunscreen or grabbing our snorkels, or making sure we have our bike lock, or undies (believe it or not)...lists are my friend!
Happy Camping Friends!


  1. Wow! I got my own post. LOL!
    I feel like I need to respond back in a post because my comment would be to long. LOL!
    We did have a list going those 2 days of things we need to buy just for the camper. But the good thing is there's no rush right now. LOL!
    Love you my friend.

  2. This is so fun, it almost makes me want to go camping. If I could go in an RV, I might just be all about it. :) The black water sounds intriguing.

  3. That was too funny. I was cracking up at both of you.

  4. Ah - you are a wise friend! Such helpful info!! I do like to camp - we just don't get to go often enough. But I sure do wish we even had a pop-up trailer instead of a tent - just a bit more comfort! :)

  5. Hi. Thanks for following me. Hard to believe that you have a grown son. Stonyfield farm is in Londonderry, NH. It's pretty close to us.