Monday, November 30, 2009

Making Your Home Sing Monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Today I'm joining my friend Nan for here mem Making Your Home Sing Monday! She says..."Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). My point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?
It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money....the opportunities are endless."

I loved Nan's post today about lists...I am a list maker too! And right now, I have a big list...I have SEVERAL projects, crafts and homemade Christmas gifts that need to get done. I've begun several at one time (bad idea). That's when I get overload syndrome..I just want a piece of chocolate and a good movie, let it all sit and wait....wait for WHAT? I need to get on the ball and do a chip away a little at a time until they are completed...and that SHOULD be before Christmas!

What have a I started? Well, I wanted to "re-do" the guest bedroom, we painted the walls, got new carpet and did some re-arranging...I decided the little vanity desk and mirror needed to be painted a different color to match the new color scheme...vanity awaits my paint and brush...

While I was out looking for "doo-dads" to hang on the wall of the new spare bedroom, I came across this mirror that would look "perfect" in the hall just needed some paint and antiqing, etc...this created a monster of an overhaul in the hall bath which I am currently right in the middle of....wall needs spackling and painting...

I've been mulling over for sometime to move some shelves from the living room to the spare bedroom and change up the look in the living room...needed a chair for the "spot" I the chair cheap (woo-hoo) I need to recover it....

Began a quilt (a LONG time ago) for my Mom, NEED to finish it in time to mail for Christmas....

Started about 7 other Christmas gift projects that NEEEEEEED finishing....

I felt so guilty when I read Nan's post about waiting until the last minute and people who like to work under pressure - that's not me! Why did I wait???? No list.

So, today, I'm going to go through these thigns that need finishing, prioritize them on a list and begin working through them until they are done...hopefully this will streamline my work so I can get things done with no stress, because they are all fun projects and stress just ain't fun!

On top of that, it's December!!!!!! Yee-haw!!!!! And my home will be singing with the first signs of Christmas decorations! I love to decorate for Christmas, it's my favorite! I'll try to put that on my list.. :) At the top!

Have a beautiful Monday!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Trust Him...

I love those small tid-bits we are given in scripture. The ones that we read and say 'wow', then pass on by to the next. Oftentimes, we don't take in the Awesomeness of what we have just read...we move on, because we are on a mission...get "this" many pages read today. But this morning, I read this, and I knew that God wanted me to "Selah"... (pause, take a breath and hang on to these words, carefully measuring them, running them over in my mind)...these are my words for today.

"Now on one of those days Jesus and His disciples got into a boat, and He said to them, "Let us go over to the other side of the lake." So they launched out. But as they were sailing along He fell asleep; and a fierce gale of wind descended on the lake, and they began to be swamped and to be in danger. They came to Jesus and woke Him up, saying, "Master, Master, we are perishing!" And He got up and rebuked the wind and the surging waves, and they stopped, and it became calm. And He said to them, "Where is your faith?" They were fearful and amazed, saying to one another, "Who then is this, that He coammands even the winds and the water, and they obey Him?" ~ Luke 8:22-25

Selah.....and WOW.

Now you try it, you go outside during a storm and tell it to stop...yeah,...that's what I thought. How easily we read over these words, but stop, take it you feel that POWER? We are often afraid and concerned that He can't or won't handle something in our lives? A raging storm seems uncontrollable, who could fathom telling wind and rain and crashing waves to stop? It seems unreal, but we read it here in God's Word, so we KNOW it's real, that is His power - so awesome and huge!

What storm do you have in your life? A wayward child? An aching heart? A debilitating illness? An unsaved neighbor? Something that is just uncontrollable when it sits in your hands? Place in the hands of our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ, NOTHING is uncontrollable for Him. He has the power, He will use it as He sees fit. Our job? Trust Him.

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Twas the Month before Christmas...

*Twas the month before Christmas*

*When all through our land,*

*Not a Christian was praying*

*Nor taking a stand.*

*See the PC Police had taken away,*

*The reason for Christmas - no one could say.*

*The children were told by their schools not to sing,*

*About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.*

*It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say*

* December 25th is just a 'Holiday'.*

*Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit*

*Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!*

*CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-pod*

*Something was changing, something quite odd! *

*Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa*

*In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.*

*As Targets were hanging their trees upside down*

* At Lowe's the word Christmas - was no where to be found.*

*At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears*

*You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.*

*Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty*

*Are words that were used to intimidate me.*

*Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen*

*On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton!*

*At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter*

*To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.*

*And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith*

* Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace*

*The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded*

*The reason for the season, stopped before it started.*

*So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'*

*Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.*

*Choose your words carefully, choose what you say*


not Happy Holiday!*

Please, all Christians join together and

wish everyone you meet


Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm hosting a Paperspring Giveaway!!!!

How would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to Paperspring?

What? You don't know what Paperspring is?

Neither did I until I entered and WON a giveaway at my sweet friend Lisa's blog, Stop and Smell the Chocolates. I was so excited when I won her giveaway and I used my gift certificate to order my Christmas Cards for this year, in addition to a Sticky Stock photo to pop inside each card.

Aren't these just the cutest cards?

You can also send them your list of names for cards and they will print each persons name on the front of the card - How Cool Is That???!!! :)

Don't worry, if you've already got your Christmas cards all filled out and ready to mail (yeah, right, SURE you do...REALLY, do?),...they have a ton of other things you can order. The personalized cards and sticky stock are my favorite!

What's Sticky Stock? Well, it's not really sticky at all, it doesn't have any kind of residue or film. It just stays where you put it,

until you pick it up and move it...

It'll stay here...

Or here...

Or here...

Or even here...if that's where you really want it...??

Not only are there products made of high quality paper, but the ordering process is really smooth and easy, and the mailing was superfast, I was pretty shocked to get my stuff so quickly! On top of that, the staff is really friendly and helpful.

The worst thing about my Paperspring experience? I wanted a little bit of EVERYTHING!!! All the personalized Christmas cards are sooooooo cute, it was tough to choose. As a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna go back over there and order some cards with my Blog name on them, just because they are SOOOOOOO cute! :)

Now then, HOW can YOU win???? Paperspring has offered a $50 gift certificate (good towards paperspring products) for me to give away.... how cool is that???

Here's how you can enter to win. You can earn up to 3 entries, and I'll randomly pick the winner on Tuesday, November 24th!

1. Pop over to Paperspring, and look around; leave me a comment telling me what paperspring product you liked the most. (that'll be a first entry)

2. Blog about my giveaway, or post it on your blog and let people know you did. THEN come back and comment again to let me know you did that! (that'll be a 2nd entry)

3. Post about this giveaway on your facebook page or tweet about it (gotta come back and comment again to let me know!) ~ that'll be a 3rd entry!!

Have a beautiful day and I hope you win! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

101 "Thankfuls"...

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (as if you didn't know), and have already seen lot's of Christmas decorations up, SAD! There's a lot of talk of Turkey, stuffing, side dishes and desserts (all of which I enjoy VERY much), but there are also lots of blogs in the "blog-o-sphere" that are posting about what they are thankful for. Since I found out too late about the "ABC's" of Thankfulness, I thought I'd make up my own little list.

Here are 101 things (in no particular order ~ well,...the first one is intentionally the FIRST) that I'm ever so thankful for...

1. My Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from the pit by His might hand and gracious love!!!

2. My super loving, funny, giving, hunk-a-licious, godly, intelligent, sweet Hubby!!!

3. My way too intelligent, gorgeous, strong, self-professing "Momma's Boy", precious Son!!!

4. My oh so funny, caring, fun to hang with, bestest girlfriend in the world, Kim!!!
5. My most adorable boxer on this planet, sweetie pie, snuggle bunches, Stormie!!!

6. Sunsets

7. Chocolate

8. Flowers

9. Babies

10. Love

11. God's Word!!!

12. The smell of fresh cut grass

13. The Ocean

14. Bird songs

15. Quiet mornings

16. Sunrise

17. Coffee

18. Kisses

19. Cozy blankets

20. Air Conditioning

21. Family

22. Cadbury Cream Eggs

23. Water

24. Friendly Neighbors

25. Grandma's

26. Books

27. Trees

28. Salad

29. Whipped Cream

30. Waterfalls

31. Frogs

32. Laughter

33. Good Soil

34. Hugs

35. Love Notes

36. Christmas

37. Cookies

38. Blue Skies

39. Charcoaler Hamburgers (it's an El Paso thing)

40. The sound of "I love you Mom"

41. Smiles

42. Baby Ducks

43. Fresh Baked Bread

44. Snuggling

45. Hot Soup

46. Ice Cream

47. Roses

48. Parents

49. Sisters

50. Movies that make you sigh at the end and smile all the way to your car...

51. Christmas lights

52. Snow!

53. Watermelon

54. Electricity

55. Cooking with Gas!!!

56. Campfires

57. Gardens

58. Farmers

59. Bicycles

60. Fresh Air

61. Dental Floss

62. Snorkel Masks

63. Hand Holding

64. Plumerias

65. Mustard

66. Root Beer!!!

67. Dance

68. Paintbrushes

69. Earthworms

70. Butterfly Kisses

71. Massages

72. Tears

73. Rain

74. Hot Cocoa

75. Springtime

76. Grandpa's

77. Friends

78. The sound of children playing

79. Sewing Machines

80. Squirrells

81. Butterflies

82. Faith

83. Clothing

84. Shoes

85. Fingers

86. Geraniums

87. Thunder and Lightening

88. Cars

89. Carpet

90. Toothpaste

91. Dishes

92. Honesty

93. Patience

94. Eyes

95. Sunshine!!!

96. Gentle Breezes

97. Libraries

98. Tennis Shoes

99. Pastors

100. Angels

101. Heaven

You still with me? You still awake? Did you skip 6-95? LOLOL.....

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

State Fair....and Respect our Flag...

This past weekend, Capt. Mike and I went to the State Fair. We are just a couple of big kids really, there's just something about the fair that we think is fun.
(Like "Fresh Squeezed" Lemonade that taste JUST like Country Time and even has the sugary grit at the bottom of the cup,....Hmmmm)

We went to see the silly stuff...Demolition Derby and Monster Trucks, :). I think Capt. Mike would secretlylike to be behind the wheel in the Demolition Derby....who wouldn't?

Monster Trucks are funny to look at too, I think it'd be fun to be behind the wheel of one of those!

Cut me off in traffic one more time Buddy.......:)

We aren't really into the rides, but we had WAY too much fun in the house of mirrors, laughing at us all short and fat....Hmmmm, was that a REAL mirror????
The teenagers were looking at us like we were a bit off our rockers (we are, thank you very much), LOL. We were dancing in front of the mirrors, LOL.
We also went on the Ferris Wheel....Michael! Put that latch down!!!!!!

The biggest problem we faced was WHAT TO EAT? While you all know I like my share of chocolate and treats, I am just not into grease!!! I like healthy foods (in case you haven't visited my cooking blog), and I'm almost the worlds pickiest eater. Basically, a polish sausage smothered in peppers and onions, washed down with a large draft beer and followed up by a deep fried funnel cake coated in 1/2 cup of powdered sugar does NOT sound appealing to me!

(760 calories, that's almost 2 meals worth, and 44g of fat!)

I had packed a little bag with healthy snacks to get us through the day, almonds, dried cherries, Kashi crackers, and granola bars. But as we waited for the last truck show, we began to get "hungry", the kind of hungry that says I really would like something more than a nut!!!!

Here were my choices...

Polish Sausage
Italian Sausage
Giant Turkey Leg (1,134 calories, 54g of fat!!!)
Greasy Burger
Hot Dog
Corn Dog

Fried Ham Sandwich
Funnell Cake

Deep Fried Oreos (Yes, you heard that right)

Bucket of Fries

Deep Fried Snickers (700 calories, 45g of fat!)

Cotton Candy


Pizza... We decided on a slice of cheese was disgusting, but it fueled the body just enough to make it through the rest of the evening.

All in all, it was a typical State Fair outing, a fun, silly day. HOWEVER, there was one event that got my blood boiling....

This is where I step onto my soapbox for a moment...

At the beginning of one of the truck events, we all stood and sang the national anthem (along with Whitney Houston via recording, lol)...There was a young man 2 rows in front of me, and as I stood there with my hand over my heart, facing the flag that represents our great country, singing my heart at at every word that just means SO VERY MUCH!!!!!.....he stood and ate his funnel cake....

I had this great urge to press his face into his funnel cake....I could imagine it happening, almost like a comedy show... One moment, he's happily snacking away, disrespecting our flag and all it stands....the next minute, powdered sugar is blowing out his nose, and funnel cake grease is giving a nice shine to his nose and forehead. Of course all this would happen in such an instant that he would look around and have no clue who did it, or what even happened... Can you tell I was just a little bit irritated????

Both of my Grandfather's fought in wars for our Country, my own Father was sent to Vietnam twice, leaving 6 kids at home! I come from a long line of military family members, including my husband and my son! It burns me up when people take for granted what the words of the National Anthem mean....they don't even know them enough to sing along...they just don't saddened me, and it make me wonder what a State Fair might be like in 10 or 20 years, will we even have a National Anthem?

Ok, I'm off the box now....just had to vent, and what better place than the internet? :)

I hope you all have a beatiful day...I'm going out into my garden to put in some cabbage, broccoli and lettuce!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lump of Clay...

"Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven.

Whose sins are covred.

Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him."

Romans 4:7


So many times I feel that I have failed God. All these years I've lived for Him, and then I turn my back on Him to fulfill my own selfish desires. How can I be forgiven? He was making a beautiful clay vessel out of me, I could feel myself turn from a soggy lump of clay into a tall, vessel, with gentle curves and deep grooves, patterns etched deep into my soul by the Master's hands. Then, all at once I failed Him. Surely, oh SURELY He must mash that half finished work back into a lump of soggy clay and start all over. I'm a mistake....but wait....God doesn't make mistakes - we do.

No, He doesn't begin all over again with a fresh lump of clay. He picks up right where we left off. We repent, we turn from our sin ~ no matter it's content, no matter it's size, no matter the pain it's caused.

We turn ~ He forgives.

He scrapes the crud out of the clay ~ our vessel, the one He has been lovingly turning on His wheel all along. The damaged parts are still wet clay, ready to be re-molded ~ because WE ARE NOT FINISHED YET!

His gentle hands squeeze living water over our broken souls and He firmly presses and molds, He forms us. We are still a work of art in His hands. Ever changing, being molded, even when we are weak and our clay walls fold in. It is because of His strenth that we are re-formed ~ He is the potter, we are the clay.


Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Love Story, Part 8...FINALLY!

"BUT, being the obedient (and love struck) girl that I was, I painted the little wooden plaque, wrapped it in tissue paper, tucked it into my purse and then layed out a fleece for my Lord. Knowing FULL well that I wouldn't be afforded this opportunity, I said to my Lord..."The only way I can give this to him is if I find myself completely alone with him" - gutsy eh? Who do I think I am testing God like that? I KNEW that couldn't happen. It had never happened before, why would it happen now????......"

I arrived at Sunday evening church servcice and found my friend Kim with her hubby Brad sitting in about the 5th row, close to the aisle. I sat down next to Kim, and we began chatting, while I kept one eye perusing the area for my "target". There he was walking down the aisle, passing us and heading for his 2nd row spot, (yup, not gonna have that chance today, am I God?). That's when my dearest friend Kim (the NOT shy one), loudly calls to Mike (whom she's met only a couple of times)... "Mike, Hey, Mike! There's a seat right here!". She then proceeds to ask her hubby to move over one, she does the same, making a space between her and I. Oh, I wonder how many shades of red I turned. I don't know if he felt pressured, awkward or irritated not to be sitting in his specific spot in the 2nd row, but he seemed happy enough to plop down between Kim and I.

(Those eyes just melted my heart, they still do...)

We made small talk while my heart danced a jig inside my chest. I struggled to keep that calm, "this is just casual friendship" look on my face,...wanting to just sit and stare into those eyes for hours....then praise and worship started and I had to re-focus my priorities!! :)

After church, we chatted breifly and said goodnight. I headed toward the childrens ministry building to pick up my son and Mike headed toward the parking lot. *Sigh*....see...I KNEW it couldn't happen...maybe I shouldn't have tested God...I probably really messed it all up with my big "fleece"...

The doorway to the childrens building is a busy place to be, lot's of families in and out the double doors. Just as I went inside the door, I remembered something I needed to pick up in the lobby, so I quickly turned around going against the flow of "traffic", I opened the door to head out, and right there in front of my face was Michael. He had opened the door to come into the building, and he stepped back outside to let me through. As I stepped out the door and we stood there face to face...would you believe this??????...........there was NO ONE around. We stood (in a very busy entry way) COMPLETELY alone. I felt the laugh of God tickling the back of my neck...."thought it couldn't happen huh?".....

With one VERY deep and VERY nervous breath, I said "Oh, I have something for you". My hands were trembling. You see, I'm not the kind of person who does confrontation well, not ANY kind, good or bad. I get nervous, I get shaky, I was REALLY nervous now.

I reached into my purse and pulled out the little tissue paper wrapped plaque. Mike took it and unwrapped it. I explained that I had no idea why I made it for him, but I just felt like God wanted me to. He told me that was one of his favorite verses and thanked me. We said goodnight, I picked up my son and instead of driving home, we floated there on pink fluffy cloud made of cotton candy.....

When I arrived home, there was a message on my answering was MIKE! :) He wanted to make sure he had said Thank You... (good one)...apparantly he had called our mutual friend, Angela, to get my number. I quickly called her and got his number too! Now that he had called me, he wasn't gettin' away. :)
(Our first date without Cris, Church Christmas Banquet)

We began talking often on the phone and decided the following week to go out after church for ice cream, with my son,...NOT a date, just hangin' out. We did a lot of "hangin' out" over the next few months, until we finally started "Dating". Neither of us believe in dating for the fun of it...the goal is marriage, and we believe in only dating someone you think you'd marry. Wow...I was READY NOW!!!! BUT, Mike was not. He's the analytical one, the thinker, the "take it one day at a time", the wise one, the planner, the be careful not to make mistakes one....
(Mike and Cris making dinner at Mike's Apartment)

After 2 years of dating, I was wondering what the deal was. I was sure we were on the same page, was this guy serious or what? How long do we have to date? I'm not gettin' any younger, if I'm not the right one, let's just break this thing off and move on. Oh impatient girl!!!!! The man has a reason, BE PATIENT!!!!
(Spending time together)

So, right around that same time, Capt. Mike planned a date for us. We'd been out on dates before, but this time we were going to the "Chart House"....a very expensive, nice place on the river. I started to get goosebumps and my heart was beginning to do that familiar jig inside my body.

I just KNEW he was going to ask me to marry him, I just KNEW it, but I didn't WANT to KNOW it, because what if I was wrong, then I would feel let down instead of enjoying a nice evening... I tried to NOT KNOW it. I wanted to just enjoy the evening...Oh, but the butterflies persisted to dance around inside...

During dinner, a couple we knew came over to our table. They were there celebrating a birthday and asked if we were there for a special occassion with that "gleam in their eye" the one that says "is this IT??"... :) Mike said "no, just a nice date night". However, in my mind I SCREAMED "YES!!! He's gonna get down on his knee in 2 seconds, right here in this restaurant and propose to me!!!! - I just KNOW IT!". :) But I just smiled and said "happy birthday"...

During dessert, Mike said he had left his wallet in the car and needed to go get it. Oh SURE,...YUP, he's gettin' the ring, I just KNOW it!!!! He's gonna come back, get on his knee and propose to me right HERE!!!! My heart tried to jump out a few times, I stuffed it back in. He returned with his wallet, we finished dessert, he paid the bill and we left. Ok, fine, I was wrong, see I KNEW I was wrong. I told myself not to get my hopes up, it was a nice night, just ENJOY it!

He suggested we drive to a little park along the river and walk and chat, nice idea, I was no longer thinking anything. It had been a lovely night.
We walked to the pavilion at the edge of the water and Mike kept walking a little away from me, he would teeter on the rocks and walk here and there, tossing rocks into the water....(little did I know HIS heart was doing summersaults and his stomoch was trying to release the meal we just enjoyed - the boy was nervous!)...I was thinking that he wasn't doing much "chatting". Then we went and sat on a bench in the pavilion, we "chatted" about things, life, the thought of marriage,...then I opened my big "shy" mouth...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but perhasp it because Mike was having an extremely nervous moment. For someone who always has it together and is calm and cool in ANY situation, he was having a real hard time getting out what he wanted to say. We all know that God once used the mouth of a donkey, so this time he chose went something like this...
ME: "Why don't you just ask me to marry you?"
Mike: "OK"
I giggled, not thinking he was serious.
MIKE: "shouldn't I get on one knee?"
I giggled, still not really WANTING to believe that I BELIEVED that he was for real.
ME: "yeah" (smile)
He did.
MIKE: "shouldn't I give you a ring?"
...this is where I hestitated to giggle, because it's easy enough for him to do all the other things in fun, but for him to give me a ring means he HAS one on him, FOR ME!!! ....I stumbled and stuttered over my words, barely getting them out...
ME: ""....

Then on one knee, under the stars, as a breeze blew tiny waves across the rocks, he pulled a little green treasure box out of his pocket and opened it up to reveal a precious ring with a sparkling diamond. He put it on my finger and asked me to be his wife. I couldn't breathe, but somehow I WAS able to say "YES!!!!". :)
(This is what I looked like when I was floating on the pink fluffy cloud...)

(Capt. Mike praising the Lord in my Apartment a few days before our wedding)

The next day on my lunch hour, I floated to Kim's house for lunch on a pink fluffy cloud made out of cotton candy... :)....she asked about our date, I said it was "nice",....laying my hand palm down on her counter as we chatted,..."So, nothin' huh?"....I smiled,....she looked down at the ring and I think she left on a big yellow cloud made out of smiley faces, then she came back and we screamed and giggled and danced around and cried and all that good stuff....I think she was almost as excited as me! :)
(The Big Day! ~ Kim and Kathy)

(My Love)

(Our Little Man)

That was May 22, 1999...just over 3 months later I became forever
Mrs. Charest ~ blessed!
(September 4, 1999)

(November 5, 2009)

Thanks for stickin' around to read until the end, have a beautiful day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mountain Fall Vacation

I'm back! :) We spent a whole week tromping around North Georgia and Southern North Carolina (that sounds weird) - hiking to waterfalls, driving through colorful, winding roads, and enjoying the cooler air.
It seemed that I heard myself over and over again saying... "Oh wow!" ~ "That's gorgeous!" ~ "Look at those colors!", etc... It truly was a fantastic sight, and each time I see something beautiful that was created by the hands of our amazing and mighty God, I am in awe at his graciousness to us. He could have made trees perform their function (cleaning the air, providing food, etc.) without making them go through these magnificent changes. He could have made them all plain and boring, but He chose in His great goodness to give us the gift of beauty. A masterpiece painting that changes with every shift in the breeze -Wow! Thank you Lord.
It even inspired me to write a poem ~ maybe I'll post it later this week if I get the nerve, LOL.
Although I love visiting the mountains and seeing all the beauty up there, I am always so happy to come home, to the place that God has planted me. Sometimes I find myself complaining about the heat, but there is so much beauty here, that we often take for granted. Sunsets that fill the sky, picking cabbage in December, watching dolphins in the river, growing plumerias and pineapples in my own backyard, the sound of the ocean waves and the feel of sand between my toes. I love how each place in this wild world has it's own style of beauty.
Here is some of the beauty that we we able to enjoy on our trip...I hope you enjoy.
Now I'm gonna catch up on a little blog reading and some household chores that didn't disappear while I was away ~ :)

This is where we stayed ~ just enough room for the 2 of us.

We ALWAYS stop at Schlotzskys in Gainsville, FL, when we head north. We both LOVE it, and it's the only one left in Florida!!!! :(
Anna Ruby Falls ~ can you see me?
Creek cascades below Anna Ruby Falls

Trees that seem to grow out of rocks really have roots that crawl down and around to find the soil.

Wow! That's a tall tree!

High Shoals Falls

Sweet! :)

Do you see the strange little face here? I do!

Blue Hole Falls ~ my and my Love

Baby tree...we'll be back to check on ya' in a few years buddy.

Georgia's highest point ~ Brasstown Bald

A card I made for Kim, but when she got it, it had no body! :(

In front of our picnic table at the lake above Tallulah Gorge Dam

Tallulah Gorge

Beautiful colors!

We saw several signs like this throughout the area,'ll have to click on the picture to read it...

Rock's eye view... :)

Gotta leave my mark!...NO, I didn't do it, but it looks cute! :)