Monday, July 16, 2012

Homemade Face Cleanser

I have finally gotten it down to a “recipe”.  My face has never felt fresher, more vibrant and healthy.  Happy skin…I like.
I cannot vouch for this having the most simple ingredients, but if you happen to grow your own herbs or have access to fresh ones, you may be in luck.
Here is the printable recipe…right HERE.
Here is the step-by-step tutorial…
Gather your ingredients….
Here’s the fun part…scraping out the Aloe gel.  This stuff ain’t purty…it smells weird too.  But your face cleanser will smell lovely, so keep going.  Smile
Scrape out Aloe gel, add to saucepan with oil and honey, heat on med-low, whisk until smooth.
Add the oats, leaves and flowers to the food process and grind well.
Once your “dry” ingredients look like this, you can drizzle the Aloe mixture into the processor while it’s on low (make sure the lid is on!!!). 
Add the witch hazel (if using for oilier type skin) and essential oil.  Process well.  It will be like putty.
I store my face cleanser in a small tub in the fridge….
I keep a smaller jar in the shower for a weeks worth of cleansing.