Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentines Giveaway!

I got all crazy with my sewing machine (still trying to use up all that fabric in my craft closet!). I've been making a bunch of cute little Valentines Aprons, and I made one especially for you...well, ONE of you!

Do you want to wear this and make yummy Valentines cookies? :) Well, if you win this giveaway, you will win this Hot Momma Valentines Apron, AND a handful of other wonderful things which WILL include Chocolate...OF COURSE! :)

A little "up-close" detail, just for fun!

Thought you needed to see this...LOL...

How, you ask, do I enter to win this Hot Momma Apron?

There is only ONE way to enter.
Leave a comment...the winner will be picked by a random number generator on Thursday, January 28th at 9am.
Since this is a Valentines your comment, you must write me a Valentines can be 2 words, 2 lines, 6 lines, 1 line...I don't care, be silly, be creative, have fun...they won't be judged....well, MAYBE....if you leave a REALLY great poem, you just might win a secondary prize!!!! :)
P.S. Although you don't get an extra entry, it sure would be SWEET if you'd mention thison your blog! :)


  1. Oh my cute!!!!!!!!! What a great giveaway!!

    Okay...let me think of something real quick!

    I came across a blog by a girl named kathy. She was having a Valentine's Day giveaway for an apron that is sassy! I think it's so cute, and totally my taste, but if I win, do I have to give her the size of my waist?

  2. I have to admit it looks way cuter in person! You want a poem? I'll give you a poem?

    If I could sew like Kathy
    How wonderful that would be

    I'd have my own line of aprons
    and they'd all be made my me

    But that is just a dream I dream
    For now I am awake

    So enter me in your giveaway
    And pick me for goodness sakes!

    I love you my bestest best friend!

  3. wow ! such beautiful pieces ! You went crazy with the machine in a good way I think !!!

  4. What an adorable giveaway. If I win I would like you to send it on to another lady blog friend.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. 教育的目的,不在應該思考什麼,而是教吾人怎樣思考.........................

  6. Kathy and Kim
    sittin in a tree
    throwin that cute apron
    down to me !!!

    In looking at your are the PERFECT BF for Kim. So two are a complete hoot!!

    Adorable apron and Great sewing!!

  7. Now I see why you and Kim are friends! :)

    hmm...a Valentine's poem.

    There once was a priest named Valentine
    Who wed couples all of the time.
    Then one day he died,
    And everyone cried.
    But the couples' hearts were forever entwined.

    Ok, that's my spur of the moment limerick.

  8. This is sooooo darling :)

    Visions of me on Valentine's Day
    wearing an apron from Kathy
    Oh PLEASE say my name!

    Now Kathy my friend,
    this is SEW easy to do
    just read my VALENTINE poem and say......

    "LOREN ~ IT'S YOU!!!"

    Love you my friend :) thanks for making my Saturday morning sewwwww much fun :)

  9. First I must tell you that if Kim wins we will all know it is rigged.

    Love is in the air
    Hearts and cupids everywhere.

    Oh what luck I have to stumble upon
    The very talented Kathy and her Valentine's apron.

  10. what a cute apron!

    Pick me Pick me
    Let my number be
    the big winner
    so I can sport my apron
    while making dinner:)

    I wish you were a talented poet like myself. LOL

  11. Love the apron! I will totally spread the word on my blog.

    I love to bake
    I love to eat
    If I had that apron
    I could not be beat
    Thankfully were not judged on this here poem other wise I would have to get to sewing my own valentines apron (oops that didn't rhyme with anything).

  12. SO cute

    Another great give-away,

    Particularly perfect for Valentines Day,

    Running about with lots of love,

    Over the moon,

    No - I want to wear that apron soon.

  13. Cupid shot an arrow
    Into my heart
    When I came to this blog
    And saw that heart...
    It is all that is good
    And if I could just win it
    I surely would
    Cook so much better...

    (think I could rhyme better too...with that apron!) :)

  14. that is so cute!!

    i want to win
    that would make me grin
    so pick me for heaven's sake
    to win the apron you did make


  15. roses are red. violets are blue. valentines day rocks...and so do you!

  16. Love the apron!!

    I am SO not poetic! But I will try.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Kathy likes cooking
    and sewing too

  17. 'I trust myself with you...
    you give me the feeling people write novels about....I adore you....'

  18. Blessed Beyond Imagination!
    Words that make your heart hasten
    To be with the God you love
    Who dwells within and not above

    Not far away, but near
    Perfect love which casts out fear
    Love which bade My Love to die
    So I might reign with Him on high

    Love which sustains, provides & causes
    Me to bend my knee and pause.
    "Not my will, Lord, but Thine"
    For You are the truest Valentine.

  19. How neat! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :D

    Valentines is a day
    To show our love in many a way
    My favorite Valentine gift from my honey is chocolate See's candy
    I hope he will get me some as that would be fine and dandy!

  20. How sweet is that APRON!!!!!
    I Love it!!!! Pick me Pick me!!!!
    I wish I was more talented with my sewing machine! All I can sew are 12 x 12 pillows! How sad is that!!!
    Oh....I am getting your package SWAP package in the mail tomorrow!!!!
    Big Texas Hug....Julie

  21. I totally suck at creating poems but here goes:

    Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    Oh how I'd love to win
    this Valentines apron
    from you.

    Tah dah!

  22. Kathy,

    You are one gifted sewer and baker and second mate (lol)! This is an adorable apron.

    Love ya girlie!

  23. Cute apron! Oh, you want a poem? hmmm,

    If we all could sew like Kathy,
    What a world it would be!
    I would sew up everything in a pinch,
    it would be such a cinch!
    Oh what a world it would be, if we could all sew like Kathy!

    Will that work?
    lol im not much of a poet!