Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bathroom Fixer-Upper


My guest bathroom needed a face lift. Since re-tiling and new sink/counter/cabinet weren't exactly in the budget, here is what I did...
Ugly mirror, boring light fixture, plain towel ring
(I put them there, so I can insult them, LOL)

Pretty mirror (see below for details), cozy light fixture, cute towel shelf

Detail of my little shelf :)

(This is so you can see the wall that is reflected,
because I forgot to take a before photo)
Notice the plain towel bar and lonely framed photo

We knocked out the towel bar and repainted the wall.
Added a shelf for a different look for haning towels

Here is my little shelf, I DO plan to do something with this frame, but I haven't quite decided yet, so here it sits.. :)

The mirror project...once again, I forgot to take a before photo. This was a $20 mirror from Old Time Pottery. It was Sparkling Gold in color, but I knew I could make it what I wanted. I lightly sanded the surface and coated it with 2 coats of plain brown craft paint...

Then I "painted" it with a dark stain. Being careful to brush away drips and keep it dark in the corners and crevices. When you "paint" with stain, it usually takes about 1 week to fully dry.

In keeping with my "seashell" theme (due to the lovely *smirk* seafoam green toilet, tub and tile accents), I cut a branch off my Pecan tree and tied it with ribbon to 2 hooks. I then looped ribbon along it and hot-glued seashells, sea-stars, and little green stones. No curtain is really needed here, so I just wanted to accent the window.

Have a beautiful and Creative Day!


  1. Very pretty, you are creative, girl! Hey, at least it's green! My friend has a very strange golden color for her tub, toilet, etc. and she really hates it.

    I have heard that you can paint tile and can redo a tub too but never tried it.

  2. Bathrooms are such an eyesore sometimes. You have prettied yours up for sure. Enjoy the new decor!!

  3. I've looked in that mirror, used that hand towel, pee'd in that toilet, and washed my hands in that sink! LOL! I love your bathroom makeover.
    Love you my friend!
    You laughed at the pee'd in your toilet didn't you? LOL!

  4. Beautiful! You definitely have the decorating touch!

  5. WoW! What an amazing difference a few simple changes can make! Wish you lived closer so you could do my bathroom. LOL! I LOVE your window treatment!

    I have 3 boring mirrors over the counter. Thought about frames, but there's not enough room on one end. Love the light fixture! Now that I could do... 3 times over. 8-]

    Love ya loads, crafty gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. You are such the DIY lady!!! Love the beach themed bathroom. The light fixture makes such a huge difference!

  7. Wow that looks great. I sure would love to redo my bathroom...Great job! Love the mirror

  8. That looks awesome! I love the beachy theme too! Beautiful mirror.

  9. I would love to tear out two of my bathrooms and start over from scratch! You did a wonderful job working with what you had and being creative with a few new things. The mirror looks fantastic!