Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elves in the Birdhouse...

The other evening, Stormie had some friends over. Yes,...Stormie IS my dog, and yes, she has friends. Human friends....little ones. I wonder if anyone else has neighborhood kids who come over to play with their dog?

Ok, back to my story. Stormies 3 friends were over and we were all in the backyard having a great time as they told me about the secret path that goes behind the gazebo...very cool...hmmm, I never saw that before. :)

Well, one of her friends, Austin (a young man about 7 yrs old), saw that we had a bird box on the large Pecan tree. He thought it was incredibly cool and we began to chat about it...

ME: "One time we had owls living in there"

AUSTIN: (eyes growing wide)..."what?"

ME: "One time we had some owls that were living in there. There were three of them, but they moved out now"

AUSTIN: (eyes are HUGE now, staring at me in wonder)..."Owvs?"

ME: "yes"


ME: "yeah, neat huh?"

AUSTIN: "You mean Santa's Elves lived in there???"

ME: "LOLOLOL, um, no, not them..OWLS...the birds"

AUSTIN: "Oh, ok"

He really believes in them...elves.

And he really thought they could have lived in that box. :)

Oh the wonder of children.

Have a beautiful day!

Kathy C.


  1. Oh, what a cute story. Children are so precious.

    Our dog has a couple of doggie friends that he has play dates with. He likes getting together with my son's dogs, Lexie & Tucker. I guess they are really his niece and nephew. How we enjoy our pets!

  2. Oh cuteness! Wow and at 7 years old huh? I guess I'm used to being around Jeffrey who wouldn't buy it for a minute and explain to you in great detail why that would be impossible! LOL.
    Love you my friend.

  3. That is a great one! And what an idea to have elves living in a bird house. So funny!

    I love that you have small children in your neighborhood that come to play with your dog. So cute.

    I am going to keep 2 little girls for their mom on Monday when they are off school. I bought chocolate chips so we could bake cookies, and I am going to read from "Anne of Green Gables" to them. If they come often enough I can finish the book and we can rent the movie.

    No dog here ... just a wannabe grandma.

  4. Ahhh..the innocence, huh? How cute..elves!

  5. That cracked me up. I could see his eyes growing. Too cute. I love it when Trey says funny things like that. He still believes the silliest things.

  6. Aww. What a cute story!!!
    Thanks for sharing...
    Our dog has many human friends too.. the UPS man, the post lady..and a few others..

  7. I can imagine his eyes opening as his mind tried to expand to make room for the thougth that Santa Elves lived in your birdhouse! Hilarious.

    About the dogs ... yes, we have other dogs and kids that come to play with our two dogs. It's been a lot of fun.