Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Mish-Mash...

Today's post is basically just a Mish-Mash of various thoughts that have been bumping around inside my to take a peek? :)

I think I have a problem...I keep thinking of different ways to help people dust this some sort of problem that needs psychological help?  LOLOL

What do you do when a sock gets a hole in it so big that it needs to be tossed?  What happens to it's partner?  Or what about those socks that are sturdy enough to not get holes, but the tops get so worn out that when you are wearing them they slip down inside your shoe and drive you nuts the entire day????....oh, is that just me? :)

Well, here is what I do with those abandoned socks...I use them for dusting.  They make great dusting rags, you just pop your hand inside, spray into your palm and dust whatever needs cleanin'...then toss them in the wash.

Oh, here's the big question.  How do I keep them separate from the socks we actually want to put on our feet?  Just mark them with a permanent marker to distinguish them from the rest of the crowd.  Yup...I'm just a plethora of information aren't I? :)


I'm going to be 42 this weekend.  Why do I all of a sudden feel like I should make some sort of "change" or " resolution"...I didn't feel that way when I turned 40...or did I, but then didn't follow through?  Hmmmm.....  What do you think?  What should be my big goal,...or resolution,...or change,...or whatever? LOLOL


I have very straight hair by what is with this guy?  He just does whatever he wants, goes any direction he chooses,...definitely a rebel...AND he's GREY!  Got enough of those...don't need one waving around, yelling "HELLOOOOO, look at me!" :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ think I took this....

Way too seriously....

What should I make?  I'm getting a little tired of making aprons...need fresh ideas PLEASE! :)

Last, but not least...let's all live by this motto today... :)

"A joyful heart is good medicine..."
Proverbs 17:22a


  1. My mom used to give fabric as gifts! She'd put together the pieces for some little (or big, depending on the person) and the pattern or instructions and package it up cute. Her crafty friends loved it!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. In case it's a surprise for someone I won't restate it, but it's a great idea!

  2. I love all of your little trivia for today. And that saying about a bird with a french fry made me smile :)

    Make a quilt with all that fabric!

    I want to start on an apron making kick here soon. . .

  3. Ha ... I loved this post Kathy. A mish mash is just the thing. Your idea for socks is nothing short of brilliant. I can only imagine how nicely a sock would clean the wide wooden blinds on all the windows.

    And that gray hair ... they always come in curly. I think it is God's reward for us in our old age. That we can have short gray CURLY hair and get by with wash and wear hair.

    Fabric ... hmmmm ... baby quilts. Really. So cute and you can make them up and have them ready for gifting. They are such a treasured heirloom.

  4. Girl.. you make me giggle every time I come by!! Love it!

    I have those.. dust socks and gray hairs.. LOL

  5. LOL, Kathy!! You are too cute!!!

    I have used old socks as dust rags before too.

  6. Oh my! You.are.a.hoot! I just adore you and one day I can't wait to hug your neck and just sit and or in will be a glorious day!
    I just laughed and laughed at your gray hair and by all means pull that sucker out of there! :)
    A bird with a french fry??? that would be one happy bird especially if it came from McD's :) I am so happy you are happier than that and that you spread it on to us....You are a gem!

  7. You are so funny...

    so when you were growing up did you ever think you'd take a picture of a grey hair so you could post it on the internet to show the whole world?

    I'd yank that hair outta there!

    I have quite a collection of fabric too and NEVER sew anymore. Maybe we should trade fabric.

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  9. The bird with the french fry made me chuckle out loud. 8-} Instead of aprons you could make bonnets and totes. I was gonna say pinafores, but that would've been mean. *heh*

    Love ya loads, sock puppet sweetie!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^