Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home is...

Home is...

I just found out there's a new weekly (Wednesday) MEME in town...I spied it at my friend Kim's place (she has the most ADORABLE new blog design by the way!) decided to join in the fun...

It's hosted by Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer, go HERE to see her post as well as other participants.  and looks to be something right up my alley, because it'll be about a different home related subject each week!  She already has the themes listed (through the end of May) so that helps us get our wheels turnin'...

The subject for today is "a delicious scent in your home", here are some smells in my home, relating to Spring...

I absolutely love the smell of fresh bread baking in my oven at anytime, but...

...for Spring, a favorite bread to bake is Hot Cross Buns...

Coffee is always a welcome scent in my home...even my sweet husband who doesn't drink coffee admits it smells so yummy!

Spring flowers are clipped from my garen and brought into my home as soon as they show their sweet faces!  Roses are my favorite, followed by lavendar!

I love to burn candles for homey scents...this is one of my favorites...Mocha Coffee scented in the hall bath...

There are certainly many, many scents that I love to fill my home with, Lavendar Linen spray and simmering spagetti sauce come to mind! :)  What scents are filling your home this spring?  Pop over to Sandy's place and play along!

Kathy C.


  1. WAIT! You didn't post a recipe for the buns!!! I never knew the little song's buns would look so DELICIOUS!!!

  2. I love all those scents and your home ALWAYS smells so nice!
    Love you my friend.
    Thank you for the coffee today.

  3. Hi there and thanks for linking up today! I love all the scents that you described, but the one that really sounds good is spaghetti simmering ... that is my plan for dinner tonight! :)

    Thanks Kathy!

  4. Yummy!!! I have never made or eaten hot cross buns, I've only sung the song (C:

  5. Yum to those hot cross buns. I love the smell of things baking and candles too. Yum. I rarely have fresh flowers in the house. Bummer.