Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There's a new Blog in Town...

I would like to introduce to my friend Lisa.

Lisa and I met SEVERAL years ago when we were both helping to lead the Homeschool Group at the church we attended.  Since my son has graduated and we've changed churches, Lisa and I had not been in touch for a while.  However, God has ways of bringing friends back in touch with one another, and that's what He did here.  I am blessed to be have the opportunity to make a wedding cake for one of her daughters...so exciting! 

Lisa is a Homeschool Mom of 4 kids who is on the edge of becoming an "Empty Nester".  A lovely, funny, gracious woman who loves Jesus with all her heart, she has a head full of laid-back homeschool knowledge, parenting skills, craftiness, and recipes, and she's decided to share it with the rest of us here in blogland. 

You can find Lisa at Mama Hugs For Everyone!  Please pop over and show her some blogland love.  I'm sure you will find several nuggets to catch your eye and make you want to return again.  She's only been blogging for a few days, and already she's got me hungry for manicotti! :)


  1. Thanks for the link. I will go say hi to lisa.

  2. I will go say hi and check out her blog!! You are a good friend!!

    Love and Blessings

  3. going to check her out :) Thanks for sharing

  4. Neat story of how you two were brought back together. Amazing how God works.

    Thanks for the nice comment on Family Fountain about the Wives article.

  5. Oh, awesome!!! She sounds like a neat lady!!!!! :)