Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Wreath

I decided to bring a little red, white and blue into my home for July. 

This wreath was snagged second hand store for $1 and covered in not so pretty bright bright flowers that went ahead and removed.  

I picked through  my collection of "fake" flowers that I pick up at 2nd hand stores, garage sales and after season sales, and decided on some white, red and pale blue blooms.

I then rummaged through my fabric collection and tore a piece of checked blue fabric into a strip, then tied it into a simple bow.

Before gluing, it's a good idea to arrange the flowers and move them around until you like where they lay.  Then hot-glued them (or wire them) into place.  They can easily be peeled off when you want to change things up.  

The little plaque was purchased at JoAnne Fabrics for 50% off, and wired it in place. 

Voila!  Instand door charm. 

How about you?  Do you decorate for Independence Day?  I'd love to see what you do, share a link in the comments!


  1. I don't decorate for the 4th but I am incredibly impressed by your inspired decorating! I actually still have a *Christmas* wall hanging in my living room. (Blush) I'm allergic to flowers and LOVE the idea of buying some on sale and using them in grapevine wreaths to decorate my home. And maybe my mantel too!

  2. You did AWESOME :) It looks sooo good and I totally was fooled ;) I love to decorate but am not that creative...or I guess I should say ....I am "learning" to be more creative!

    Have a wonderful 4th

    Please tell your honey thank you for all his hard work and serving his community!

  3. So pretty, and so patriotic!!! Gosh, I've never decorated for the 4th!! But, now I'm thinking I need to!