Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Random Thoughts...

No huge blogging thoughts come to mind today,
so I'll simply share 10 random thoughts...

1.  The 4th of July was a fun, full and busy day.  Church, lunch, smiled as my hubby helped out an older woman with some issues she was having (I love him, have I mentioned that? :) ), burgers at our friends house, praying for the rain to stop, snuggling my hubby on the boat while we watched the city fireworks display on the river....so lovely, so romantic...God was gracious and stopped the rain just in time, it was a beautiful night!

2.  Cleaned and scrubbed my house after dog sitting for a week and a half.  Love havin' ya sweetie, but you just stink, LOLOLOL.

3.  Totally fun night last Thursday with a fun group of ladies; food, fellowship and Farkle!!!! :)  We had so much fun, and I'm so glad my sweet friend Debra was able to make it!  LOVE that new fad you're starting with your hair! hee hee hee (inside joke, sorry!) :)

(LOL, I just re-read this and realized how many times I used the word "fun", LOL)

4.  Lesson learned:  Buying a new living room carpet, scrubbing the floor underneath, and adding a brand new carpet pad will NOT deter your dog from barfing in the same spot she always wants to barf in!!!!!  Though, I am thankful that it repels it nicely, AND I'm thankful for my carpet cleaner.  Just can't understand why she can't barf on the entire TILED surface surrounding the carpet!!!!!!?????

5.  Looking forward to our Keys trip coming up....snorkelling, sunshine, lobstering, bike riding, swimming, gorgeous sunsets, ahhhhh....excited!

6.  Busy day today, baking several varieties of cookies for my son (he has requested quite a package for him and "the guys" as they are busy preparing to go overseas.

7.  Trying to finalize plans for "my part" in my BGFF's big "4-0" Birthday...woo-hoo!

8.  I need to sit down and write letters.  I love sending "real" mail, but it does take some time, need to get on that!

9.  Planning on doing some "Christmas in July" projects on my blog this month....it's a great time to get some projects started, because if you wait until December, it just ain't gonna happen! :)

10.  BIG day tomorrow.  What?  You didn't know?  Tomorrow is "National Chocolate Day"...oh yeah.  Kim and I have BIG plans, yup.  :)

NOTE:  I JUST realized that it is NOT National Chocolate Day on July 7th...it is just "Chocolate Day", LOL...ok.  Well, now that we have that sorted out...let's celebrate! :)

Let me leave you with this thought for today...

"A gray head is a crown of glory; It is found in the way of righteousness."
Proverbs 16:31

Have a beautiful, Jesus filled day!


  1. Love this randomness :) except the barfing dog stuff

    You can be my pen pal :)

    Trip to the keys sounds divine!!! yay!

    Simply cannot wait for Chocolate Day! woohoo

  2. Love your random thoughts!! I actually used that verse on my blog last week. I am so looking forward to National Chocolate day too!!

    Love and Blessings

  3. I like your random thoughts, especially when they involve me in some way or another. LOL!
    Can't wait till tomorrow! Woot! Woot!
    Love you!

  4. YUM!!! Those look awesome!!

    Now you got me thinking about dog barf. What carpet cleaner do you recommend? I have Woolite, but I want to know what is the BEST solution to get rid of that gross pea smell????

  5. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。............................................................

  6. Enjoyed your random thoughts....

    but I really thought EVERY day is CHOCOLATE day...what's this putting just one day a year as designated chocolate day?! LOL

  7. Having random thoughts actually lets us know you better!!

    And I like that! And you random thoughts.

    And here, taking a trip to the 'Keys' sounds just so exotic and unattainable. Popping to NYC for the afternoon is just so ordinary. Times like this, I wish I could go to the Keys.

    And I can't believe you left us that verse!!! I am about to color some of my gray for the first time!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT??!?!?!? LOL.

  8. My cat barfs on the carpet too, and everyday I say to her, "Baleigh, I know you are going to barf right after you eat so I put your food bowls in a tiled room so you can just turn and barf. Why oh Why must you take the time to walk to the carpet??" - you think Im kidding but I really do say this to her OUT LOUD! TMI???