Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Funnies ~ Christmas in July

I promised yummy recipes today, but I must also include a here ya' go...

Ginger Crinkles
These are delicious, a family favorite, and actually quite healthy
Click HERE to go straight to the recipe

Mammo's Gingerbread
My Grandma always made Gingerbread (her Mom's recipe) when I would visit her.  Gingerbread is so good at anytime, breakfast, snack (with coffee of course) or dinner dessert.
Click HERE photo to go straight to the recipe

Did you ever try the "Minty Mocha" from Starbucks?  If you did, did you fall in love with it?  I did.  But love can be costly, so I decided to make it at home!

I had a gazillion leftover candy canes from decorating my I crushed them in a zippy bag with a hammer...
Until they looked like this...
Then I brewed some of my favorite coffee...while that was happening I whipped some fresh whipping cream with just smidge of sugar...
Add to your coffee some chocolate syrup or some Ghiradelli hot cocoa powder, then stir in some of those crushed candy canes as a sweetener and with PLENTY of that freshly whipped cream...Oh YUM!
Don't forget to give a little bit of whipped cream to the dog.... :)

And here's my Friday Funny...another song...

For more Friday Funnies, please visit Kim at Homesteaders Heart! :)


  1. I thought there were going to be "bloopers" from our sewing video? Bummer! LOL! Maybe by Christmas? LOL!
    Love you my friend.

  2. Loved it!!

    In HIS Care,

  3. Oh these recipes look soo yummy! You might say "doglicious!"


  4. Those cookies and mocha look delicious! Cute cartoon, too!

  5. oh my ....y.u.m.m.y!! My mom and I visited earlier and she is loving your blog! I hope to get her blogging soon but she wants to be able to retire first because she says this could be very addicting! I told her Nah....not too much ~ bahahahaha! She LOVED your cooking blog as well as your photography blog! You are just an overall gifted woman and you sooo shine for the Lord in all you do! I love you and am praying for your honey!

  6. Oh my goodness, I just gained five pounds!!!! I soooo need some of this right now, lol!

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  8. Yummy recipes and that minty mocha sounds soooo good!! I just love that song - LOL!