Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mish Mash Monday...or Wednesday, LOL

My brain has been spinning.  I literally lay in bed at night, tired, but can't fall right to sleep because I am thinking of things I need to put on my list of 'things to do' see there is a very big event coming up this Friday.  Yup.  My best girlfriend is gonna become part of the "Big 4-0 Club", and we are havin' a party!

Things do seem to be falling into place, now it's just a matter of everyone showing up!  And bringing the food they said they'd bring, and the DJ being as fun as we think he'll be, and the cake not falling apart, and there being enough food to go around,and us not runnig out of tea, and everything looking perfect!  That's all.  Whew!

Oh, and that Kim has a fantastic time!  THAT is important. :)

So, here is my BIG dilemma.  What to wear.  I have two choices.  They both include pink and black.  They both may require me to wear a "cover-up" because I'm not use to showing off my shoulders (they have skinny straps)...I'll let you help me decide...

Dress #1 - not TOO fancy, more party fun...

Could be worn with this white shrug...

Dress #2 - a little bit "fancier", maybe too "shiney"???? Whadya think?...

Could be worn with this shrug, or a similar one...

And NO my waist is NOT that tiny.  They are tied back, LOL.

Here are 10 other miscellaneous things that may or may not interest you at all...

1.  We are going to the Key's soon to our favorite camping spot (Bahia Honda State Park).  When I say camping, I mean RV, NOT tent...not in the Key's in the summer, nope, it'll never happen again, I'm just sayin'.
So, I need to get busy planning out my meals.  I need to cook things ahead and freeze what I can...we don't do the burger and hot dog type of camping. 
What do you like to eat when you go camping??

2.  It's hot here.  Do you know what HOT means????  Man, it's just sickening, take your breath away sweat before you close the door behind you, humid, stickiness HOT, don't wanna do yard work, or even check the mail kinda HOT!  Yup...Florida. :)

3.  I need to get back on the "fitness ball", if you know what I mean.  I have slaced a bit since I had my dance recital.  Classes will begin again in August and I have NOT been as faithful to my daily home workouts either.  Bad girl...especially since I need to A) wear one of those dresses in 3 days, and B) wear a swimsuit in 2 weeks. 

4.  Over a month ago, a sweet little Asian lady came to my door.  She wanted some of my flower seedlings that were growing in my garden, as well as seeds if I had them (I did), she had brought a plant for me as a "trade" sweet is that?  It was a plumeria, I have about 15 of those.  However they come in such a wide variety of colors and scents that I was excited to see what it would do.  I was NOT disappointed, I wish you could smell it!

5.  Did you know that when your children grow up and leave home and you have a bad dream about them getting kidnapped by someone they were going to meet to buy something from on Craigslist, that you will call them and leave semi-frantic messages on their voicemail until they call you to assure you that they have not been kidnapped.  Yeah, this could happen to you....and YES, I am fully aware that that was a completely uncalled for run-on was intentional. :)

6.  I have a meeting with a Bride-to-be and her Mom (an old Homeschool friend) tomorrow evening to discuss the wedding cake.  I'm making a "sample" cake for tasting.  I just love being able to be a part of someone's special day...

7.  I got this on Craigslist for 'cheap'.  I have plans for it, I hope they turn out the way I imagine and it doesn't end up being 'NOT cheap' in the end, LOL.

8.  If you've never heard of Don Colbert, I highly recommend his books.  I just bought one the other day that I didn't know he had out.  He is a Christian, and a Doctor.  If you ever wanted to learn about what you should eat for a healthy body, and WHY, look into it.  The book I'm reading right now is "Eat This and Live"'s an excellent guide with lot's of easy application to make healthy changes in your lifestyle.  Why am I sharing this with you?  Because I believe our bodies are a wonderful gift from the hand of God, and we should do everything we can to take good care of them.

9. I think I took this...

...WAY too seriously. Ya think???

10.  I'll be doing a Christmas in July week next you have any crafts, decor, or food items that you'd like to share?  Be sure to come back and find out how to easily make cute country Christmas stockings, yummy Christmas cookies (eaten year round of course!), and other easy Christmas's never too early to get a head start!


  1. I LOVE dress one. Looks like tons of fun.

    And girl.. think you have enough fabric?? LOL

  2. I vote for the polka dot but with the black cami. =]

  3. Um... don't listen to Jessica about the cami. But do wear that dress. I think it's adorable! And I so want that mug. And I know I may even have you beat on the way to much fabric department. LOL! Have I shown you my stash of fleece? LOL!
    Can't wait till Friday! Woo! Hoo! Party on!

  4. I vote for dress #1 too cute, I'm with Kim though, you don't need the cami!! So wish Loren and I could be at that party, oh the fun we would have!!

    I did not know you make wedding cakes!! I just, after 20 years, quit the business. The most recent, I owned The Sweet Lady here, but in the last year have decided to only do it for friends and family!! I was way too busy!! I have one more big wedding in a couple of weeks and then early retirement!! I love doing it though!!

    Can't wait to see the cake!!

    Love and Blessings

  5. Ok I vote for the Black and Pink dress since I voted in Kims as well :) So you all will look tooo adorable together! You are such an amazing friend and I really can't wait to hear all about her party :)

    That flower is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

    BAD dreams about your kids are NEVER good no matter where they live LOL I know I would be guilty of the same thing!!

    You and my stepmom would be the best of friends when it comes to fabric! OH MY GOSH ~ all the fabric she has could seriously send my children to COLLEGE!! LOL

    LOVE YOU....have fun getting ready for the p-a-r-t-y :)

  6. I have to vote for the polka dots, as well. I just adore dots and they always make me think of Lucy. Are you wearing pink bunny ears, as well?! *g*

    I think I recognized a piece of that fabric, lol! My mother was a seamstress, so that doesn't look like a whole lot to me. She converted her 2-car garage to hold her overflow of fabrics, notions, machines, etc.

    Must be the heat making us all slack off. I keep thinking I should at least go bounce, but before I know it the day is over and I haven't and then I'm too tired or think it might disturb someone's beauty sleep, so I vow to do it for sure tomorrow, but then I start rearranging furniture and wipe out my back and who wants to bounce with an aching back, so another day goes by and I still haven't bounced and I can't even get to my treadmill now coz of all the stuff I moved in there while rearranging and don't know what to do with it now, so I vow to do it tomorrow for sure... ;}

    I'm SO glad your baby wasn't kidnapped!

    Love ya loads, swee' pea!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. Love both - but the second one with cardie is great for a party.

    Hot - what is that, I am in the mids of winter. Would love some heat but no humidity as it makes my hair go horrible. And I hate sweat!!

    You always make me smile when I read you blog.

  8. I say dress number one. Too cute and way too fun. Love it.
    Cool about the wedding cakes.
    I would say that you win on the fabric. Wowzers. :) That chair is very cool and I can't wait to see it finished.

  9. Both dresses are lovely, but I vote for Dress 1. Either way, make sure you post a photo!

    That flower looks like a frangipani?! Is it?

    The heat you are describing is the kind we get here in summer... we live in the tropics of North Queensland and it is a KILLER!

    Have a blessed weekend (and party!)... I am sure it will be wonderful fun!

  10. 好的開始並不代表會成功,壞的開始並不代表是失敗............................................................