Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Anniversary

Today is my 9th Wedding Anniversary, and I want to say how very thankful I am that God has blessed me with a most precious gift - my husband.

When my son was 4 years old, I went through a not-so-fun divorce. I then lived as a single Mom for 6 years. During the later part of those years, I was introduced to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and my life was made new and fresh and complete,...but I still desired a godly husband in my life and father for my son.

VERY long story made VERY short...One day, I was called in to see the Sunday School teacher because my "precious son" (LOL) had been acting up in class. Well, that Sunday School teacher, 2 years later, became my most wonderful husband and I am forever blessed. Although he had never been married or had children, he rolled up his sleeves and wholeheartedly took on the role of Dad. He worked hard to learn what God requires of a godly Father. Two years later he adopted our son, and now we share not only our love, but our name as well. I am so thankful for the life that God has provided us with, and the abilities he has given to my husband to be our early provider. He is truly a blessing in our lives, God knew exactly what I needed, and He graciously gave me more!

He has always worked hard and provided us a wonderful home. He made sure that I would be able to stay home and homeschool our son, that I would never have to worry again about taking care of myself. He is the love of my life and has been my earthly Lover, Provider, Protector, Best Friend, Superhero, Personal Comedian, Mr. Fix-it, Mechanic, Carpenter, Mentor, and Godly Leader of our Household. I love this man, and I am ever thankful to my Lord for giving him to me. :)
Have a blessed day!


  1. Happy Anniversary! God is good all of the time. Happy Thankful Thursday.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful post! May the Lord richly bless you today and always!

  3. That was so sweet and special - it brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful blessing!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Wow... a beautiful post of tribute to your husband! You are so blessed.

    Happy Thankful Thursday and Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary! Lovely story. Yall are so blessed!

  6. Happy Anniversary. May God bless your marriage abundantly.

  7. What a beautiful love story! God is so good to His children.

    Happy anniversary.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. how wonderful! i hope you had a phenomenal anniversary

  9. Happy Anniversary! God is awesome!

    Many years ago, I, too, went through a divorce and became a single mother. A while later, I became a Christian. Four years after that, God brought my husband, also a Christian, into my life. He adopted my daughter after we got married. He is a blessing from God. We've been married for over twenty-two years and have added two more children to our family. Our three girls are now 31, 18, and 14. I am so very blessed!


  10. Happy belated anniversary, Kathy. What an awesome story behind your wedding anniversary. Yes, God will give us what our heart desires - some times we just have to wait a little longer for it.

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

    Be blessed today and always.