Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Funnines - Slip N' Fall

For today's edition of Friday Funnies, I am again, my own worst enemy. Why is it that I have so much "material" involving myself????
The story goes like this...6 years ago we had a large family reunion in Fredericksburg, TX to celebrate my Grandaddy's 90th birthday (side note - he is still with us and celebrated his 96th this June!). Several of my siblings were staying at a Bed and Breakfast and we had all gathered there to hang out and do what siblings do...
I decided I wanted to get a group shot of the family members that were at the house, so I proceeded to set up my camera several yards back from the group, because that was the only way I could get everyone in the shot.
Here are the "Circumstances":
Setting timer on camera
Moist dewey grass
Long distance to run
Running fast
Slick bottom, slip on sandals
The result: As I ran toward the group, my feet slid out from under me and I ended up "sliding into first base",...or my sister. :)

I love this photo, because the timer went off and captured all the faces and reactions of the group.

You can barely see me, I'm laying on the ground, my sister Tina has bent down to make sure I'm ok - I was laughing hysterically. Neices and nephews laughing; my big brother takes the photo opportunity with the "whoa - what just happened" look; Sisters laughing; son claps for my performance and, of course, hubby gets it all on video. :)

I love how the little girl in the front (friend of one of my neices) is oblivious to the whole thing and smiling for the camera. :)

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Hope this made you smile - have a blessed day!


  1. Yup I like to call you Grace! I love that picture!

  2. Bwaaahaha... Sorry. its funny.

  3. Great family memory. LOL

  4. ROFLOL!!! That's hysterical! And I have done some very similar things. DS rarely applauds, though. Too busy pretending he doesn't know me. LOL!

    Thanks for making my day! 8-]

  5. Oops... almost forgot.. you have another award here.

  6. Too funny!!!!! It's great that we're able to make light of ourselves!

  7. That just makes me laugh! You gotta love the oblivious ones!

  8. Oh, that is too funny! I have so many of those oopsies it's not even funny. On a side note, I LOVE Fredericksburg. I've always told my husband if we ever decide to move out of the rush of the concrete city here in DFW, that I would want to move there! So beautiful.

  9. That's so funny! I really love that you have that picture capturing it!! You can never live it down - LOL!