Friday, September 12, 2008

My Husband Rocks - Fun

Well, once again, my sweet honey bunches lovin cakes (hee hee hee) Rocks because he is a fun man! :)

Thanks to the fact that my man is so brilliant and fixed my best friends Mom's computer, she gave us 2 1-day park hopper passes to Disney (Disney, MGM, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot). :) To top that off, hubby recieved a free one day park hopper pass to Universal and Islands of Adventure and a discount pass for me from work!

So, off we went for a mini-vacation. We stayed 2 nights at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground (highly recommended for family fun, as you don't even need to leave the grounds to do fun stuff).

We have been to almost all of these parks way too many times, so we weren't trying to do EVERYTHING, but hit the shows and rides that we enjoyed. We went at the best time of the years, so lines were short and it was not too crowded - it was actually pleasant, even though it was HOT and HUMID!!!!!

Look how empty the bus stop was in the morning - mid summer it would be packed!

Someone doesn't like mornings, can you guess which one? :)

I LOVE to ride roller coasters, and Mikey likes them, but they tend to mess with his head a bit, he was a sweetie pie and rode several rides with me though - he survived without headaches which is a good thing!!! :)

Tower of Terror (you have to make faces for the photos - of course!) This things is a blast, my friend Kim and I have gone on it 11 times in a row (I think that's our record, lol)

Rockin Roller Coaster is way too fun! I could go on it over and over again. :) Hubby knows just when the camera is taking his picture - LOL
We had never been to Islands of Adventure before, as it is a major "ride" park, so we popped in there so I could ride on roller coaster before we headed home. I chose to ride the "Hulk" - it was REALLY fun! :) I have decided that I must return there with my ride buddy (Kim) someday. :)

I am thankful that my sweet husband likes to do silly fun things with me, even things that I enjoy more than him. I am thankful that he doesn't mind waiting in line for 40 minutes with me just so I can ride in the front row! :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. How much fun it looks like you guys had! My family loves these theme parks and we have year round passes ... we live 30 minutes from the parks!

    Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing what a wonderfully fun hubby you have!

    Blessings to you today!

  2. what a fun trip! looks like you had a great time :) we've got to go sometime soon - hoss has never been!

  3. Hubby who will do silly things with wife-thats what we all want isn't it? Kudos on your minr-vac and enjoying your time alone!