Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

For today's Wordless Wednesday I will express somethings that make my heart stop beating....

My husband...It was a LONG way down. I was taking this photo from a swinging bridge over a gorge.... gulp...

Our son...

I like it when his feet are on the ground like this....

This position makes me pretty nervous...

This one makes me kind of sick to my stomoch...

Ahhh, feet on the ground again.... good.

Just in case the other one didn't make you queezy, here's another angle... ugh!

I think I need to go lie down, lol....

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Have a blessed day!


  1. The hots of you son doing a flip are awesome!

  2. All of them made my stomach queesy too!
    The picture of your husband by the gorge is amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by my WW. :)

  3. Wish I were as flexible as your son!

  4. Great shots!! You don't really see the in between angles when it goes by so fast. I could see how it could make you queezy. Thanks for checking out my WW and happy WW to you!

  5. Not only am I impressed your son can do those flips, but I like the fact that you got the shots of him doing it!!!! Thanks for coming by to see me, and I loved the pictures of your dog. Aren't boxers just the greatest dog? But you really have to know them to love them. So many people are scared of them, and honestly I can't blame them. They are big, hyper,and all over you kind of dogs. I love them.

  6. Wow - great shots! That would make me nervous too - yikes.

  7. I wonder if my mom felt that way when I was a kid. I did all sorts of flips and crazy tricks. My oldest son has just taken an interest in back flips and attempted one yesterday. Thank goodness I wasn't out there to see it! I'm hoping next time he'll let me spot him instead of him just doing it without me knowing.