Monday, August 25, 2008

The Jane Austen Brunch

The Jane Austen Birthday Brunch

My best friend Kim, has been so kind as to provide me with a daughter... ok, not REALLY, but close. I never had a daughter, so I have fulfilled all my "girlish mothering desires" through hers, as "Aunt Kathy", and I am thankful for the relationship we have.

Since she will be having her 15th birthday soon, and the three of us are obsessed with all things Jane Austen, I decided to throw her a Jane Austen style brunch. I began a few months ago by making each of us a Regency Era day dresses, I made each bodice and sleeve just a little different for variety, and for some reason I decided on "blue hues".

For brunch, I prepared Spinach-Bacon-Quiche, spiced-blueberry-muffins, stuffed-strawberries, Italian-Cream-Cake, and of course coffee and tea - during this time we listened to the soundtrack from Pride and Prejudice.

For a craft we made Regency Era bonnets while Pride and Prejudice (the movie) played in the background. Unfortunately Kim took home two nice size glue gun blisters.

Of course, we had a lot of fun and laughs and took a gazillion photos of our time together. Kim, however, went into a laughing fit over one of our photos and when this woman laughs, there is often no way to pull her out of it...

It was so much fun, next year maybe we'll do Civil War Era....I think I'll need a bigger living room with those hoop skirts though, LOL. :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. That is SO cute! You did fabulous work with those dresses, the brunch, and the craft! Wow!!! That must have been so much fun.

    I love seeing those pics of all of you.

  2. That was so much fun! Thank you Aunt Kathy!!!!!!! :)
    I would love to do a Civil war theme next year!
    Love you,

  3. I am afraid I would have been watching Pride and Prejudice with my favorite English actor... Mr. Darcy... Colin Firth... sigh.

  4. That is the most creative memory-making idea I've heard in aeons! You're an AbFab 'aunt'. 8-]

  5. You guys look like you had a BLAST! I think I need your recipes especially the spice blueberry muffins and stuffed strawberries!

  6. WHat a blast!


  7. How much fun is that. Thanks for sharing it with us! What a sweet thing to do, and making those dresses. . .
    Thanks for your comments and visits to my blog. It's so much fun to get to know new blog friends.

  8. This is so very special. What incredible memories, and I loved all the pics!!!