Friday, August 8, 2008

My Husband Rocks - Generosity

Once again, there are far too many things I could say about why my husband rocks, but a blog I posted yesterday made me think of something specific. My sweet, precious husband Rocks (hee hee, I feel so teenage when I say that, lol) because he never, ever, complains, or even bats an eye when I come home with oodles of plants, bags of mulch, bags of compost, or come to him with graph paper depicting plans for my garden "extensions", including walkways and pergolas, lol. (see inmygarden)

I am not a "shopping" kind of woman, I don't have need for fancy clothes or shoes, I'm not into jewelry, I don't get my nails and hair done, I'm really pretty much plain jane. So I indulge my "spendy" desires on plants - and he just smiles alongside me. I know it can get a bit crazy at times, but I also know that after a hard day at work, it is a joy for him to come home and see bright happy blooms on the outside of the house and bright happy smiles on the inside! :)
I love this man!

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Have a blessed day!


  1. Which brings me back as to why I don't see your potted plants lol!!!
    I love you my sista!

  2. it is awesome when husbands are supportive like that!

  3. Obviously my dear friend Kim (homesteader in training) is happy that my potted plants are all dead, lol, and would like me to show the world, lol. I don't do potted plants in the summer, ONLY spring and fall. :) I've gotta choose my battles sister, and that one isn't worth my time. :)

  4. What a blessing he allows you the freedom to indulge in the things that bring you pleasure, like nature and growing beautiful plants. I'm sure my hubby wishes I could just keep one alive! He still lets me buy'em though:)