Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Swap!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a really fun Valentines Swap over at  The American Homemaker.  It worked similar to a "Secret Sister" gifting, except you were partnered up with another blogger. 

I was partnered up with Julie from Shabby Wears.  I was so excited to get her as a partner for MANY reasons...I'll name a few...we're both Texans (yee-haw), we both love pink (woo-hoo), we both love vintage things (yeah!), and most importantly, she's just so sweet and kind.  Pop over to her blog and give her a great big "Hello!". :)

Wellllllll,....yesterday I was soooo excited when this arrived on my doorstep...

I sat it down on the dining table and after smiling at all the cute Valentines stickers on the box, I got cut it open to reveal this sweet surprise!...

Everything was wrapped in lovely pink, white and red Valentines tissuepaper and tied with a silver bow.  She made handmade tags for each gift saying something sweet about each one...

Here are some of the treasures that were hidden inside...Lovely bits of vintage fabric...Adorable knee-high Valentines socks...Swankie Valentines Hankies...A sweet little "love" tin with mints...

DOVE Chocolate hearts! (oh yeah!)...A beautiful ceramic heart shaped dish with red roses on  the lid...Adorable Valentine napkins...

One of my very favorite items was this Oh So Pretty bracelet that she made for me with pink and clear beads and a gorgeous silver clasp...perfect for Valentines Dinner! 

You think I'm done?  Not quite yet...look at this adorable sparkly pink heart shaped pillar candle...it's sitting on top of a beautiful little vintage pink rose plate (She's gonna smile about this when she recieves her package!)...more candy...totally cute pink and red heart covered nail files...what more could a girl ask for?

Well, how about this precious little slate heart with the vintage Valentine...it's haning in my kitchen right now. :)

Oh yeah!  Speaking of kitchen,...look at these lovely kitchen towels with a pink Kisses heart on them!

I was absolutely blown away with this gift of love.  Julie, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...and Happy Valentines!


  1. THat is sooooo awesome! I bet it felt like Christmas all over again!!

    You received alot of cute things!!!!

  2. Even cuter than you described over the phone! LOL! Save me some chocolate!!!
    Love you my bestest best friend.

  3. Simply amazing - and so beautifully wrapped.

  4. I am so GLAD that you LOVED your Pink Valentines Box of LOVE! I had so much fun gathering all of the presents for such a sweet and precious person! I was truly blessed when I recieved you as a partner! As soon as I saw your BLOG for the 1st time....a big smile came over my face! I just new that I had the perfect partner for this swap!
    Thanks again for your sweet post!!!!Big texas Hig....Julie

  5. Kathy, that is just beautiful and suits you to a tee! I love it! The bracelet looks just like you, my friend!

    Lots of love!