Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy ValenBirthday!

I love celebrating Valentines day...mostly because it's my hubby's Birthday, which just makes me smile all's fun to have a theme to go along with his special day. :)

We celebreated on Saturday evening, in the same manner that we always do, our best friends came over for an intimate, fun night of dinner and games.

Kim and Brad

I love to decorate the table all fun and Valentinesy...this year I went with a more elegant theme...

Since there were only 4 of us, I splurged on dinner and made a Beef Tenderloin from Cooking Light.  I had made this one year for Christmas, and Kim's been requesting it ever since, lol...  It was a special treat for all of us...

This was served with Hasselback Potatoes and a simple green salad. 

Dancing in the Kitchen? :)

After we ate, we played a game where we had to write rhyming poems to our spouses using words we blindly picked from a cup...for example, mop, toolbox, sewing needle, work boots,...let's just say we have some real creativity running through this house..

Then of course, there was dessert...this was, after all, a Birthday party...

Wanna know what happens when you blow out 40-something candles?  LOL!

There was a funny twist to the night though, LOL...and I can't believe I didn't get video of this!
I didn't want to eat cake for dessert, but wanted to have all those candles for hubby to blow out, so I made a "fake" cake....

The funny part was that Mikey didn't KNOW it was fake, hee hee....

He must have suspected something when I said he could cut the first piece (because I never let him do that, LOL)...He said he was thinking it must've been rice kripsie treats or something!

The big clue was when the "cake" came off the plate, LOL...

hee hee

Of course there WAS dessert, just not cake...I made French Vanilla, Raspberry and Almond Crepes with a side of Stuffed Strawberries that were drizzled in dark chocolate!  YUM!

These were divine, if I might say so myself...  :)

After dinner we played, we ARE getting old, LOL

Ok, we were in digestion mode there LOL...we did have a fun time playing PIT, our all time favorite game 'cause we just like gettin' a little loud. :)

All in all it was a wonderful, romantic, yummy, fun, Birthday Celebration...

The next morning, on Valentines, my Precious Husband made me breakfast on his own birthday! :)  Yummy Scrambled eggs with onions and peppers! :)

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines, it's not about the cards and goodies you recieve, but about the love you can dish out! :)


  1. OH my friend, we had such a lovely time. The pictures crack me up. We got some good ones too.

    I know Mike doesn't wish this but I wish his birthday came more than once a year! LOL!

    Oh and EVERYTHING about dinner was delicious.

    I love you my friend and thank you for giving us such a wonderful, fun, romantic, yummy night!

    Love you!

  2. Oh my fun!!!! And what a great hostess you are!! What a blessing!

    I was laughing at the picture of the smoke!! LOL!@

    And I LOVE crepes!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!! How creative!!!!!

  3. Kathy, that was hilarious. Your table and your tenderloin was so good looking in pictures I could imagine eating it.
    Looks like you guys had a great time. Love you, Tina

  4. A fake cake! I love it! And that poetry game sounded fun. What a blast!

  5. Ok I just scared my kids and woke up all the dogs bc I was Laughing soooo loud and his fake cake!! You are tooo funny :)

    Everything looks soooo nice and oh so yummy and well the company is the best! So glad you all had such a wonderful evening celebrating you DH.

    Happy Birthday to HIM!

  6. What a wonderful time you all seemed to have had and I just love the valentine decorations. It all loved so romantic:)

  7. Wow, that looks yummy! Looks like you all had a blast too. I can't wait to meet you and Kim next year when I come to Florida!

    ~ Nan