Monday, February 1, 2010

Making my Home Sing Monday!

Today I'm joining Nan, for Making Your Home Sing Monday.

One of the most important things that I think we can do to make our home sing is to close our mouths and open our ears.

My husband is in Law Enforcement, and he needs to be able to unwind from his workday.  His job doesn't end when he leaves the office, he's in-tune to the radio until the moment he leaves his car in the driveway, so there is no "unwinding" time in his drive home.  The most important thing I can do for him at that point is to listen.

We have an empty nest now, but even when our son was home, he understood that Dad needed that time after he got home.  He'd give him a hug and say hello, then he'd go do his own thing for a bit and give Dad some space.

When he comes home now, I greet him at the car, help him with his 'stuff', and then we spend some time just laying on the bed talking about his day.  I always make a point of asking him about his day before I begin rambling about mine.  I know his mind needs to cool down, check things off and rest.

I think this is a good way to make my home sing everyday...what do you do?  Pop over to Nan's and link up!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. That is a beautiful thing my friend. Being a good listener is a great quality.
    Love you!

  2. Amen! This is sooo important for men! I learned this about 7 yrs ago and wow it makes a HUGE difference!!

    You are a treasure ~ ya know that!

  3. WOW ! loved this post - thank you

  4. What an awesome post! You are so right that your husband needs to be able to share his day with you before you unload yours on him. What a wise wife he has.

  5. Such good advice! My hubs would like about 20-30 minutes to process after coming home from work. Sometimes our son will "attack" him with questions and chatter the second he walks in and I start to tell him something and it's too much for him. I must try to explain to our son and do a better job this week! Thanks friend! :)

  6. What an awesome,loving thing to do! I am sure he appreciates your support more than you know.

    Did I ever tell you that my parents used to be police officers? Also my brother and his wife, my uncle, my cousin.....I come from a long line of 'em.

    My cousin and my friend's husband are still officers today.

    My dad eventually got another job because he couldn't support our big family on the salary, and my mom eventually quit to be a SAHM. Thanks for linking up today!

  7. Agree!! Sometimes it can be overwhelming when he comes home because ALL the kids are like, "Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad!!" And now you can include our puppy who goes all crazy when he comes home too!

  8. This is precious.

    You have inspired me to be more in tune, now.

    I will make it a point to look for ways to bring peace into hid life.

    Thank you.

  9. Amen to that.
    My hubby needs time to wind down too. I learned that early on in our marriage.. PTL!!