Monday, February 8, 2010

Making my Home Sing Monday ~ Valentines Decor

Today I'm linking up with my friend Nan at Mom's The Word for her "Making my Home Sing" meme.  The theme today is "Taking Charge"...what are we doing to take charge of our homes today and keep them in order?  She wrote a great post on not letting our homes boss us around by letting our priorities get out of whack...pop over there and read it!

I'm making my home sing today and all week by adding a bit of Valentines Love...

This may not seem 'high' on the priority list for some, but for me it's pretty "up there", and for good reason. :)  Why?  Because Valentines day is ALSO my precious hubby's birthday...and I just love making a big "to-do" out of it.

I want to decorating my home in a way that is pretty, but that is also smart financially, so after Valentines in years past, I always pick up a few items on clearance, like pretty paper napkins, stuffed bears, confetti, whatever is left over that might be cute...

I like to keep out many of the flowers and red/white decor from Christmas and just re-work them with a Valentines theme.  Like this Christmas wreath...for Valentines, I painted little wooden hearts (29 cents each) and strung them from the wreath...

This is my favorite part.  I always do a week of "something" leading up to his Valenbirthday.  This year my it involves this little mailbox.  Starting this morning, I began a 7-day countdown.  Each morning there will be a Love note or Valentine in the box (these can be handmade, printed from the computer, need to buy expensive stuff!).  Today I listed 7 things I love about my hubby, tomorrow, 6 more, the next day 5 more, all the way until his birthday. :)

I did some baking which always makes his tummy sing, and uses stuff I've already got in the fridge or pantry.

However, I know my hubby's deepest desires, and the best way to make his heart sing today is for him to come home to a house that smells like it's just been cleaned...LOL.  Soooo, just for him I'll mop my floors and spray all my curtains with Lavender Linen spray!

How are you going to make your home sing today?  Run over to Nan's and get some ideas, or link up your own!

"My beloved is dazzling and ruddy,
Outstanding amon ten thousand."

Song of Solomon 5:10


  1. I love the decorations! They bring love and beauty into your home. Also love the linen spray, I've had that same kind! Blessings to you today.

  2. I think your home is looking good with all the fun Valentines. I also bet it smells good with those cookies!

  3. I want some linen spray! LOL!
    I know I personally do a lot of singing in your home! LOL!!
    So do I get some of those cookies?
    Love you my friend.

  4. G'day Kathy ~ What joyful decorations leading to his birthday celebration.
    Love the cookies. Hope hubby has a lovely birthday.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week.
    Hugs, Marydon

  5. I love the idea of buying stuff on clearance. I do that for Christmas but hadn't thought of it for Valentine's Day. Then I'd have some stuff for next year.

    Great idea and what a way to bless your sweet hubby! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Boy a bunch of great ideas! I love them all!!!

  7. LOL! The last one was beautiful! Valiant's birthday is the 16th, so we always think of Valentine's as leading into his does make for a festive birthday! I love what you did with the hanging inspired me to play around with a couple of so-far-undecorated wreaths I have.

  8. what a great idea. I love the love mailbox So cute. You are so sweet. i burn candles all the time too so the house smells clean too.

  9. You are indeed making your home sing! And singing all those praises about your hubby is wonderful.

  10. What a fun post. I love the wreath! Great job on blessing your hubby. I agree with your hubby on the smell of a clean home. I love when my home has that "clean" smell. By the way...the cookies look great.

  11. Looks great! I love those little mailboxes...