Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is the day! Is the suspense just driving you nutty???? Apparently it was driving me nutty....

I printed out every entry and put each one into a little tin bucket (no, not a basket, I don't know why I kept calling it a basket!!!) ~ Go on, click on the you see your name in there??? I do!

I shook it up real good...(how about that action shot?)

Then I reached into that little bucket and pulled out this piece of paper...

Can you guess who it is? Is it YOU?

Is it still you? Are you sure?

Since you know it's not you, are you done reading this post?

Ok, if it's NOT you, WHO is it???

WHO IS IT??? you ask...

Yea! The winner is Jo-Lynn from Musings Of A Housewife!!! Congratulations Jo-Lynne! You get these pretty little measuring cups to compliment all that healthy cooking! :)
To all those who didn't worries...over the next couple of months, I'm going to be having lot's of fun giveaways, so "Keep your eyes on the blog!" :)
Of course, Kim isn't crying over this because she KNOWS she's getting a set of these for Christmas...what a spoiled friend I have! :)
Have a beautiful day friends!


  1. just so you know ....... I dreamed about these cups last night and then woke up in a panic remembering I didn't finish with the rest of my postings about the giveaway.....D-A-R-N-I-T anyways!!! OH WELL
    Congrats JOLYNNE!! I am sure you will LOVE these precious cups!!!

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  3. I'm a little upset because the competitive side of me hates losing anything! LOL
    But I'm happy for Jo-Lynne! Kind of!
    Love you my friend.

  4. Dang it....congrats to the winner though.

  5. *yAy* for Jo-Lynne!!!!

    They are adorable and I know she will loved them!

    Hope you had a lovely time away. :)

  6. WooHoo! Congrats to Jo-Lynne! I wanted to enter, but life had me by the tail the past week or so. That got kinda old, so I turned around and snapped life in the chops. It didn't quite let go, but I sure feel better. 8-}

    Now you have to tell us all where you got them and there's gonna be a run on measuring cups, lol.

    Love ya loads, suspense nut!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. I love the way to kept the suspense going!

    Congrats to Jolynne!


  8. sigh...*sniff* *sniff*...sigh. I guess it's OK that Jo-Lynne won since she has been cooking up a storm! Congrats Jo-Lynne!!

    I'm glad you posted pics of the whole process, because otherwise I would have wondered if it was all on the up-and-up. I will console myself with some chocolate and cute notecards from a friend. :)

  9. Congartulatins Jo-Lynn.
    I just go wipe away my tears now.
    After that post I would say you and Kim are two peas in a pod. You both are so comical.
    Ok let us other Floridains in on the store where we may nfind ourselves a set.

  10. So I didn't win.......sigh

    WWJD........Congrats Jo Lynne! Truly, they are beautiful and I hope you enjoy them. You are getting them from a precious lady!

    Love to all!

  11. I got them today and they are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! Thank you!!! :-)

    Kim, lol!!! And na-na-na-na-boo-boo! ;-)

  12. I'm visiting from Musings of A Housewife. Stopped in to check out Blessed Beyond Imagination. I love your blog design! =)