Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What an Honor...

Sometimes it blows me away to realize how blessed I am to be married to my husband.

No, he's not the perfect man. He's not so in-tune with my female emotions that the perfect words are always on his tongue (oftentimes the wrong words pop out instead). He doesn't always let me have my way (not a pushover), he doesn't lavish me with expensive gifts or fancy cars. He isn't a die hard romantic, planning the perfect dates with all the frills. He doesn't waltz me around the floor at every wedding we attend, he doesn't wear fancy clothes or have a Doctorate degree. But that's not really what a perfect man is, is it? It never fails, each and every day, I look at the man who's shares my life, and I see how truly blessed I am to call him mine - he's perfect for me.

He's smart (can literally fix anything)...he's talented (plays the guitar), he can cook (makes me a birthday cake every year - sweet!)

He makes me laugh - sometimes uncontrollably. I don't mean he can just tell a funny joke, I mean the man MAKES ME LAUGH. It's like carrying around my own personal comedian in my pocket and all I have to do is push play...if you only knew!!!!

He offers to rub my feet, he doesn't care what I make for dinner, he doesn't care what color I paint the walls, he doesn't care if my hair is turning gray, he just loves me, loves me, loves me, and it amazes me.

Best of all, he loves Jesus with all of his heart...I've never met a man more devoted to living for Christ than my husband, and I am so very thankful for that.

The other day I made a cake for him to take to work, one of his co-workers asked where it came from, and when he said that I made it, his co-worker said "I thought your wife was a seamstress" (I do alterations sometimes)...to which he replied..."My wife is a Homemaker" :)

I love that my husband is proud of what I do, he appreciates it all, from sweeping the floors, to trimming the flowers, from making his smoothies to cooking the meals. It is such an honor for me to serve him, and I know that in doing that I am serving our Lord!



  1. omg I love this post and can sooooo relate to this! This sounds so much like my husband and to live with a man like this is to live a blessed life!
    Thankyou for sharing this and I am sooo happy for you to live with such an amazing wonderful man who loves Jesus, and because of this.....he loves YOU :)

  2. Hey, sweet thang! This post just blessed my socks off!

    Duller and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary. He's nowhere near the wondermous man you snagged, so one wonders how we made it this long. What can I say, I'm a saint. ;}

    Love ya loads!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. You are blessed my friend, truly blessed!!!

  4. Beautiful post my friend. And at least I get a glimpse of his silliness! LOL
    Love you!

  5. Oh Kathy,

    This was so precious! I pray God's richest blessings upon you and your precious hubby!

    Big hugs to you , my friend!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your husband! It made me think of my husband more lovingly, which was needed tonight. I'm enjoying your blog! :)

  7. That was a lovely post! And a good reminder to appreciate all the good stuff about our husbands! Blessings to you and in your marriage!