Monday, August 24, 2009

What is your name?

I'm going to join in with my friend Rocio today on talking about our names. My parents named me...Kathleen Estelle...
I really don't know if there was a reason that I was named Kathleen, other than it being a popular name at that time. Kathleen was at it's peak between 1950-60 when it was ranked the 15th most popular name.

Typically when I hear the name Kathleen, since it has links to being a Gaelic name, I think of Ireland. However, the name is actually originally Greek, and it means "Pure or Virginal" ~ how sweet is that? :)

Estelle is my Mom's middle name, so I feel special that we get to share that when she had 3 chances to give it away before she had me! :)
The name Estelle has origins in both the Greek and French language, even though it is a common name in England. In Latin, it comes from the word Celestelle (like celestial), and the meaning is "From the sky, Moon, Heavenly". In addition, Estelle is the French version for the Spanish name Estella, which comes from the Latin word Stella "Star"...whew! ~ that's a long way to travel for a name.

At any rate, here I am,...Kathleen Estelle..."Pure Star", that makes me laugh, but then I think of how God sees me ~ He pulled me up, out of the thick ugly mud, washed me clean, made me pure, dressed me in garments of sparkling white...when I think of it like that, I am amazed at the name He chose for me. Certainly in His eyes, through His love and by His salvation, I sparkle like a Pure Star ~ Chosen daughter of the King of Heaven, loved and cherished by the Most High God who knew my name long before I took my first breath! AMEN!

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.
The Lord looks from heaven;
He sees all the sons of men;
From His dwelling place He looks out
On all the inhabitants of the earth,
He who fashions the hearts of them all,
He who understands all their works"

Psalm 33:12-15
Visit Rocio to read about her name, and link up a story about your own!
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Kathy,
    That was a Beautiful Post. I am so glad you did it! I love your name, it is so Beautiful and what it means how special is that!
    Thank you for playing along!!!

  2. How awesome is this!!! I love it!

    If I have time today I would love to look into this but am oh so glad you did...Like your name you shine just like a star does brightly for JEsus and I thankyou :)

  3. How beautiful!!! You are a good combo of your mom and dad!!

    Love the name and it's origin

  4. Just beautiful!! I love what your name means! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  5. "He pulled me up, out of the thick ugly mud, washed me clean ..."

    I'm glad he has done that for all of us! One of my favorite passages is in 1 Cor. 6 where Paul lists a bunch of sins and says, "And such were some of you, but you were washed, sanctified and justified." Amen!

    Been a while since I visited here. Good post.