Friday, July 31, 2009

Good Clean Fun and Christ Centered Connection

Last night I had a some ladies over to play a few rounds of Farkle. The version I play is called Texas Farkle and I learned it about 7 years ago during a family reunion in Texas. It's a simple game of rolling dice, there's not much to it, but it sure is fun.

(This is Diane, years ago when I was a single Mom, she and her husband ran a group for single parents at the church we attended - it was a huge blessing to me!)
I wanted it to be a fun but simple night, so I made a pot of my tasty meatballs, cut up some veggies and put out a couple types of salsa. I also wrapped up some inexpensive goodies (mostly chocolate, but also some bath items and a cute scarf). Names were dropped into the bowl for various reasons (just showing up, bringing a guest, bringing a snack, etc...). We chose intervals of points gained for name drawing, and the ladies got to choose a gift from the stash. No one went home empty handed.
We snacked, chatted and laughed a lot. The really neat thing about the night is that these are all ladies that I haven't seen or spent time with in a LONG time, we all met at the same church years ago and some of us have moved to other churches, one of the ladies moved to another state and is now back, but we were able to walk into a room and instantly re-connect. In addition, I made a new friend and it felt like I'd known her as long as the rest. We all just had so much fun seeing eachother again.

(This is Shirley, she use to watch my son in the summer for me when I was a single Momma and had to work,...she was also the one who babysat him the night that my sweet precious husband proposed to me!)
There is something about the Christian sisterhood that truly amazes me... no matter how long we spend apart, how different our situations in life, our ages, our personalities, hobbies or habits, if we hold that common bond of loving Christ, we are able to connect in a beautiful way.

Hold on to all your sisters-in-Christ, every sweet woman has a purpose in your life,...or maybe you have a purpose in theirs!
Have a beautiful, Christ filled day!


  1. What a wonderful evening and what a blessing to have those special friendships!

  2. Hmmm.....yeah it looks fun and all but really how much fun can you have without me? LOL
    Love you!

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