Monday, August 10, 2009



I was going to write a post about 7 things in my kitchen that I'm really happy to have, BUT when I went to take photos, I realized there is so much I just love about my kitchen, that I had to tell you all about it! So, I got kind of carried away, and if you actually read this to the very end, I will be quite surprised!

Almost 10 years ago we bought this home, it was built in 1973 and while it had good bones, it lacked severely in we quickly went to work.

The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be, come on in, and let me show you around a bit...

THEN: Dropped ceiling, funky blue flower wall paper, minimal counter space, 30 yr old linolium floor tiles, 30 year old electric stove with sparking wires, cabinet above fridge that I couldn't reach, ugly old laminate cabinets, and no pantry. This 2nd photo is from the Sale Ad for our you LOVE the Royal Blue carpet??!!??!!???

NOW: Raised ceiling, adding space above the cabinets, painted cabinets, hubby made new doors/drawer fronts, added wood flooring and 3 feet of counter/cabinet space, built in a pantry on rollers that hides the A/C-Heater Unit access, moved that unreachable cabinet above the fridge to new space and added glass doors, built arched entryway with shelving, and added much loved skylight that adds so much sunshine and joy to my Kitchen! :)

The old kitchen had no pantry, and I badly needed one. Hubby built this one...the shelf is on rollers, twice a year he rolls it out to fire up/down the Heater (hidden compartments are fun!). See my collection of aprons, I wear a different one depending on my mood and what I'm cooking, LOL - silly gal.

Here's a "collage" of Hubby doing some of the hard stuff, like holding up drywall with his head...standing on that "forbidden" top step of a ladder...learning to be a fantastic carpenter - I love that my man can do anything! :)

Now, with all the hard work behind us, I'll steal a line from Julia Andrews and show you "a few of my favorite things"...
I like to use REAL Butter, but I don't like the way it tears up your toast. This Butter Bell keeps butter at room temp, soft and spreadable ~ you fill the "bell" with butter, and the base with cold water, it seals out air and bacteria and keeps butter fresh and soft, change the water every day or two.

My 30 year old Roper stove did fine for a while until one day while baking pizza, I heard sparks and saw smoke coming from the back of the stove...apparantly the wires were shot and it was time to get a new stove - I was pretty happy about this because I love to cook with Gas and I REALLY like my GE Gas stove with electric start and a sealed top (no gunk can fall inside), electric start in the oven means no pilot light. The control of cooking with gas is one of my favorite things! :)

Another of my favorite things is my red ceramic Kitchen Compost bin with a charcoal filter in the lid for no smells! You toss kitchen scraps in there to put in your compost pile, or if you don't have a compost pile (I don't) - just bury them directly in the garden and plant on top for rich soil and healthy plants.
I'm also REALLY smiling about my cute measuring cups which are too pretty to put in a cupboard, so they are displayed and ready to use each day. I just want to measure stuff all the time because of these! :)

I also really like my Hamilton Beach quick mixer with a whisk attachment. It's perfect when I need to whip just a small amount of whipping cream and don't want to break out the big ole KitchenAid, also for immersing into soups or salsas.
And last (becuase I don't want to keep you here ALL day long talking about my Pampered Chef items that I just couldn't cook without!), but not least, I really like my pretty dish drainer....
"Hi, my name is Kathy and I handwash my dishes"
Yes, I have a dishwasher, but I prefer to wash dishes by hand ~ I'm not sure if I could explain why, there's just something about it that I like, kind of like hanging clothes on the line, it just feels right. I didn't want just any ole' dish drainer on my counter though, so I looked far and wide to find one that would compliment my kitchen, this is what I found.

Maybe this is the reason I like washing dishes by hand...the view from my sink...

If you are still awake after this extremely long post, I thank you for sticking it out!
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Would you share with me what your favorite room in the house is, what makes it so special?
Have a beautiful sunshiney, Jesus filled day!


  1. I could ENJOY washing dishes with that view AND that cute little drainer is just too much!

    Y'all have REALLY done an outstanding job on the kitchen! I love "re-do's"!!!!

    Thank you for your sweet encouragement on my LWG post this morning!

    Have a super blessed day! I enjoyed my visit in your sweet kitchen! Now, please pass me a biscuit!

  2. I loved your pictures and story of your kitchen overhaul. You are blessed with such a talented hubby who was able to make over your kitchen.

    Love all the extra gadgets too.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Kathy! I read the entire thing and I really enjoyed it! Wow, what a difference in the after pictures! Your hubby did a fantastic job! I love your view while your washing the dishes too!!!

    Loved it all!!

  4. I love your kitchen my friend!!! Your hubby did an outstanding job! Good idea on the pantry too!

    Your favorite things are so lovely! I totally adore those measuring cups! And I love that dish drainer!

    Hmmm, my favorite room? Well I love the living room that I redecorated, but the room I'm in most often is the family room - still not decorated the way I want. I think I like the comfort & coziness of it.

    Have a blessed day!

  5. What an awesome transformation! Your hubby did an amazing job! Isn't it great to have such handy men!!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    After being away for most of the summer walking in to my house last night I just kept saying " oh how I love our house!!" For me, it is my kitchen that I like best. Why? because it is where I sit w/my DH and talk in our fireplace nook. It is where teenagers gather to hangout, talk and of It is where I meet with the Lord to have quiet time and read HIS word. So many things I love about my kitchen <3

    blessings to you

  6. I love your kitchen. I love the colors...the view. It's just great. I really like your dish rack! So pretty.

  7. Oh yeah, I love your kitchen! I love pampered chef as well! How did anyone cook before pampered chef? :)

    Where can I find a butter bell? We like real butter as well but it frustrates us with toast or anytime we need to spread it!

    So, now that you've given me a virtual tour, when do I get to do the actual "walk-thru" and taste some of what you've been cooking up in that renovated kitchen?


  8. You have a beautiful kitchen! Y'all must've bought your house about the same time we bought ours. But I'm still waiting for Duller to do most of the things he's been 'gonna'. {*;*}

    I've been looking for an un-homely dish drainer. I have yet to find one half as pretty as yours. Funny, I used to hate washing dishes, but now I kinda enjoy that time. I haven't used my dishwasher in years.

    Love ya loads, swee'pea!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  9. What a great transformation! It's beautiful!

  10. Beautiful kitchen! And I love your favorite things...I didn't have any problem reading to the end, *wink*

    I absolutely adore the photos of your husband at work...I laughed out loud at the "forbidden" step comment.

  11. Whew girl you sure had some rose colored glasses on. The yellow is so cheery. Nothing is better than a kitchen you want to hang out in. I'll tell you why you love washing dishes - its daydreaming time when you do. You can sure get some thinking/reflecting time in doing it. Its relaxing, in a sick kind of way.

  12. You guys did an amazing job with your kitchen, and I really enjoyed the tour

  13. Your kitchen is very cheery and pretty. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  14. Well ... we have a TON in common. I also hang out my clothes and wash my dishes by hand. I can never really explain why either. There is just something very etheral and earthy about making dirty become clean and knowing I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF.

    I also have a Butter Bell. See? How many people can say that?

    Your kitchen is quite different from when you moved in. It is so great to be able to make something work for you. That pantry on wheels ... just amazing. So clever I don't even have words.

    I love it! I think I might love you too! We're probably sisters or something :)

  15. That was fun! What a wonderful kitchen. You're a lucky girl!