Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I learned this week...

It sure doesn't seem like I learn anything very profound each week, but none the less, I guess I can "chock" them up to lessons learned, LOL...

~ It's really hard to lose weight when cooking is your passion!

~ When all else fails, bring out the big guns! The caterpillars are going to completely devour my veggies if I don't use at least a semi-natural spray on my garden!!! I'm sad, because I will most likely kill the sweet little lady bugs that are doing their best to eat those little booger's eggs, but the green slimies are winning the battle and I'm not ready to hand over my squash!

~ My man is such a hunk...ok, I didn't just LEARN this, but sometimes he takes an especially good photo (rare for him not to be hamming it up), and he just looks super hunky! :)

~ Our hearts can handle an enormous amount of pain without completely crumbling

~ I really can't stand the carts at Walmart - it's such a pleasure shopping at Publix where the carts go the direction you are pushing them in...

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Have a beautiful day!


  1. {{{{{{{Kath}}}}}}}}}
    Hey, sweet thang! Thanks ever so for checking on me. 8-] I'm still trying to figure out a workable real-life/puter-life balance.

    I can so relate to your first lesson! I especially enjoy concocting desserts, which makes it even harder. But now that they finally paved my road, I'm getting a bicycle. Best, funnest way I know to work off a bowl of moose tracks. 8-}

  2. Hey, my theory is if I burn the calories making it, I can eat it. LOL.

  3. Your so funny! Is that our problem? Cooking is our passion therefor we can't lose weight? Are you absolutely sure that's it? Cause I'm pretty sure it's WHAT we're making that's the problem! LOL
    Love you!

  4. All good lessons!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge - I feel smarter already - LOL! :)

  5. Great lessons, and I enjoyed your photobucket slide show too :)

  6. You're too cute (about your hubby). I know, my husband eats it up when I refer to him as being "manly"..LOL!

    So true about the heart!!!

  7. Umm... that is why I DON"T cook! :o) Have a good rest of the week!