Thursday, June 24, 2010

You asked for it! :)

Ok, so here it is.  I actually have a lot to say about the many hours we were actually there that day (8), how much make-up we really had to wear (TFB Babie!), and just how sweaty my hands got before I went on stage...yeesh! 

But you won't read a big long dealie bopper today, will you?  You just wanna see me in those pants, LOLOLOL...ok, I didn't promise you anything spectacular, so don't expect much.

Let's all try to remember this ain't Broadway and I haven't taken dance in YEARS...I haven't taken Jazz since I was about 15...soooo, gimme a break, eh? :)

Um, let's also all try to remember that I am not TRYING to look like a teenager...this was the costume.  I would NEVER wear this in public.  I do NOT shop in the Juniors department, and I am not a member of the Miley Cyrus fan club... LOLOLOL...

My hubby filmed this from his seat, and he filmed both shows, so I cleverly combined them to hide my mistakes give you the best show possible. :)  Enjoy...


  1. You were good! And brave!! I hope you celebrated your new star status afterwards.

  2. Holy Crow!!!

    You did fantastic!! You've got rhythm and style!! Natural dancer. Really. You can tell. ( I have been around dancers for 17 years, trust me) lol.

    But I think my favorite part was the look on your face. You so enjoyed it and that's all that matters.

    And you know, maybe you are a secret Miley Cyrus fan. lol. Come on, admit it. :)

  3. Why do I smile just as big watching this as I did watching you live? LOL!

    Yup, You're MY best friend. LOL!

    LOVE YOU! See you later!

  4. WoW! I am impressed! I won't reveal how many years it's been since I was on a stage... never for dancing; no one has ever accused me of being graceful. LOL!

    Hey, thanks ever so for your comment yesterday! You can't imagine how much it cheered me up in the middle of a really, really, terrible-horrible-bad day. 8-}

    Love ya loads, Miley Momma!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. I read many blogs and always want to comment but never do. I just had to comment today though :).

    Thank you so much for sharing your dance. It was great! I sat here with tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face. You look like you were having so much fun.

    I have a head full of ideas of things I want to do next year when Bre & Geff have left the nest and seeing all of the fantastic things you do to keep busy is inspiring.



  6. You did great Kathy! I enjoyed watching your dance, and your hubby did a fantastic job filming it!

    Once a dancer, always a dancer ;)

  7. Oh Kathy!! You did awesome and like Kim I just sat here with the BIGGEST SMILE on my face beaming as I watched you dance and enjoy yourself!! Seriously, you were beaming and you looked soooo good in those pants!!! I bet your Honey had a difficult time letting you walk around with those on ;)

    So glad you were able to show off your skills !! You're mad dancing skills!!!

    Love you and thank you for sharing this with us :) I loved it!

  8. Wow, you did awesome!!! I loved watching it. You looked great in those pants, you go girl!!!

    Love you and think you are great!!

  9. YOu did so good and you are so flexible. my goodness. Great job. I am so impressed. You looked like you were having the best time. Woo hoo!

  10. You looked gorgeous and can move girl!!

    And you looked so young:)

    I love the way you kept that smile going the while way, looked like you were really enjoying yourself and happy - I was happy just watching you.


  11. Wow you looked great! Maybe I need to invest in some stretchy pants. Thanks for sharing your videos with us.

  12. You rocked the shiny stretchy pants my friend!! :) You did an awesome job - so wonderful to watch!!! Thank you so much for sharing and I'm so glad you're not afraid to do something you love. I love dance, but wouldn't be brave enough to go take a class without a friend - especially if any stretchy pants were involved - LOL!