Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Funnies ~ Homemade Pinata...

Today I'm joining my bestest girlfriend, Kim, for her Friday Funnies meme...because we all need a good laugh now and again. :)  If you need one, go HERE.

The title of my Friday Funny is:  Store bought Pinatas are WORTH the money! LOLOL

SOOOO, IF you know Kim, then you definitely know that her house is full of boxes right now.  Her son's 8th birthday is this Sunday and we decided to have his party at my house since we weren't highly interested in playing "who can empty the box in 10 seconds" as a party game.

I don't personally remember the details of this conversation, but we were sitting there chatting and asking the birthday boy what he would like me to make for dinner and discussing general party fun.  When somehow I mentioned a pinata, that conversation lasted about 10 seconds and we moved on.

The next day Kim mentioned that Jeffrey was pretty much expecting a pinata.  Oh.  Hmmmmm.  So, on my next trip to Wally World I perused their selection of $15 pinatas....sponge bob, some strange character with metal nails, tinkerbell....none of these were gonna work for me.  When I was growing up (in a border town), pinatas were a dime a dozen, and they didn't follow "themes" for the most part.  You could easily find a bright colorful party pinata for cheap.  Being the ever frugal gal that I am, I decided "I can JUST make one!!!"....OK????

So, 3 days before the party, (late in the day I might add), I begin researching online about how to make a pinata.  It seems they require 3 layers of paper mache over a balloon.  Each layer must dry completely before the next layer is takes 24 hrs for a layer to dry. 

I whip out the brain and do some math...

At this rate, the pinata will be ready TO DECORATE by Sunday NIGHT....the party is Sunday evening.  For some reason I GO AHEAD with my plan?????  I am certain that in Florida heat the 24 hr drying period does not apply.

The idea is to blow up a balloon, make some flour and water paste, tear strips of newspaper and layer over the balloon.  I can't find a large balloon, so I decide to make it a funky shape and use 5 (yes FIVE) little water balloons all tied together.  Don't ask, just read.

So, I blow up my 5 little tiny balloons and secure them all together at the tips, thinking somehow that wet, soggy newspaper will make them stop moving around????  I begin layering.  The balloons refuse to cooperate, and continue to squish around.  I decide perhaps FIVE is too many and I will choose the 3 largest ones to keep and get rid of the other 3.  How do you get rid of balloons that have already been covered in goopy flour and water mixture?

You pop them with a pin of course.

You just don't do it while standing in your dining room.  Near your antique hutch.  In front of your cloth covered dining chairs.  6 feet away from your freshly cleaned sliding glass doors (you would THINK 6 feet would be ok), and pretty curtains, 3 feet away from your large dining room mirror...just don't do that.

But I did. 

I couldn't take a photo, because my hands were literally COVERED in goop.  But when I pierced the balloons (oh so carefully, so as not to cause a splatter)...the goop flew in ALL directions around my dining room.  I found it on my Berkey water filter, my curtains, my hutch, my glass doors, my mirror, an extremely LARGE glop landed on my dining chair (and refuses to leave), the floor was spattered, the dining table was spattered....let's just say "It weren't purty folks".

Did I give up?  NO!  Determined to beat that Sunday night time line, I quickly cleaned up goop and proceeded to cover my two med/large balloons in paper mache.  Let me stop right here for a moment.

I don't mean to be rude, but two balloons hanging side by side just don't look "nice".  I began to fear that this pinata would be inappropriate...then I decided when it was all said and done and covered in fluffy bits of tissue paper and pointy cones (Because I have a picture in my head) would be fine...

So, here I sit 55 hrs before the party....the 1st layer has not completely dried yet.  My goop bowl from yesterday is in the garage sink, still "soaking", I won't be able to begin a second layer until after I come home from grocery shopping several hours from now....  Chances are I will spend the money and purchase a pinata....I can always rip off sponge bobs face and add a picture of a tractor...right?

I'll keep you posted. :)


  1. Oh my friend. Trying not to bust out in laughter as my son looked at the picture and said. "What's that?" I'm so not answering him! LOL!
    Oh MY FRIEND!! Do you hate me right now? I feel sooooo bad. But since you were the one that mentioned it to my son who has a tape recorder brain, I can't feel that bad! LOL!
    And I so got a visual on the two balloons hanging side by side. In fact I am cracking up so bad right now I can barely type.*tears streaming down face*
    I love you my friend, I really really do. And I know you wouldn't go to all this trouble for just any soon to be 8 year old!
    Oh me....

  2. OH.MY.GOSH! There are no words.....LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    What a friend and a funny one at that you are!

    This is hilarious....NO doubt, you will be stopping by to get a pinata!!!

    Love you girly!

  3. Ok you have me laughing! And as I read Kim's comment I laugh even harder!

    You are a great friend and good luck with the party and the ummm...pinata!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. ROFLOL!!! Oh, my! That is beyond hilarious! You must've attended my special klutzy crafting seminar! Just remember my #1 rule... BUY the pinata. LOL!

    Love ya loads, goopy gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. You are one determined gal! I'd say go and buy one now; it's much easier. But I have to give you credit for trying. Too funny but very kind of you.

  6. OK - I was already laughing, but really lost it and still am at the 2 balloons side-by-side!!!! LOLOL!!! Laughing with you of course, WITH you! :)

    You are such a good friend to attempt something like this - crazy, and perhaps a bit stubborn - but a good friend!

    You have shared a good lesson and I can honestly say that I will NEVER attempt to make a pinata - LOL!

    By the way, I have been soooooo bad about leaving comments (except on Kim's blog because I might get hurt if I don't) but I do read along in my reader and want you to know that! So shame on me for not commenting, but I LOVED your post about your beautiful back yard and am enjoying following along with your fun trip! Hugs to you!! :)

  7. Oh! My! Word! That is beyond funny! Going to have to follow you (and add you to my google reader favorites) because I need more laughter in my life!

  8. Oh my sweet friend, you have a heart of gold I tell ya! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!! I love all the ????? I know exactly what you're thinking at those points.....WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!! lol. Too funny.

    Love ya!

  9. LOLOL!!! Oh That is SOOO funny! You are very ambitious to try and make a pinata, (I tried once and it looked worse than yours did :). Btw, you popping the balloon in you house is something I probably would have done.... :)
    I love you Aunt Kathy!!!

  10. LOL. so funny I love your determination. =]

  11. OMGosh that is too funny. I was looking at the pinata thinking...what is it supposed to be. LOL you are too much. :) Thanks for the night time giggle.

  12. OH, my! LOL! I can't even imagine the look on your face when all the goop went everywhere. HOpe it works out.. :D