Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weddings, weddings and more weddings…

My oh my…you would think it was June forever around here!  So many weddings, so much cake! Smile 

It seems my “caking” has been quite busy lately, and I’ve been enjoying creating many different designs and working with some new techniques.  Always learning, learning. 

In November, one of my nieces got married, I was honored to make Nikita’s cake:


In December, my “best customer”, Lyndsay ordered 9 dozen Christmas cupcakes, and my gracious, they were delicious! Winking smile


The first week of January was a friends son’s wedding.  His (now wife) Ashley, asked me to make this:


This coming weekend is another nieces Bridal Shower.  Here is a glimpse into a tiny portion of Danielle’s cake:


Nope,it’s not a space alien theme! LOL

This same niece is getting married in March, no sneak peeks at the wedding cake plans! 

And still another niece, Rachel, is getting married in the Fall.  However, I will not be making her cake since she’ll be running off to Vegas for a fun get-a-way wedding.

In February, my sweet friend Cheryl has asked me to make 90 pink carnation cupcakes for a 90th birthday celebration!  How wonderful to be a part of such a sweet time.

The cake I’m most looking forward to making this year?  My own son and his bride-to-be’s wedding cake.  Open-mouthed smile

Cris and Christina will be having a small wedding, but since I’ve been waiting 22 1/2 years, they are going to have a BIG cake, LOL.  Oh I am one excited Momma! Smile

So….What have you been up to?

Have a sweet and beautiful day!




  1. I love your cakes! So beautiful. You're MY best friend. YUP!

  2. Well, doesn't this just take the cake? Suhweet! Love your yummy baked goodies. When one of my kids gets married, we'll have to fly you in on special order!

  3. Oh.. I am happy for you. Congratulations! You are so talented on cupcakes too. Those pictures explain so much. Have a great days!

  4. Whoa woman!! You are talented!! Where were you when my daughter got married??

    Oh. In FL.

    I can't wait to see your son' cake. I am sure it is going to be crazy AMAZING!!!