Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Décor…

When hubby put the Christmas boxes in the attic, he also pulled down my one little Valentines box.

I looked at that 12x12x12 box and wondered what could be in there.  I love Valentines, why do I not have more “stuff”? LOL

Valentines is extra special for me because that is my precious hubby’s Birthday…so I get all all Valenbirthday on him. Smile

However, when I opened the box, I didn’t really find much that I liked anymore.  There was the cute little hand embroidered streamer that I made last year, I like that.


However, most of the other stuff was store bought “ick”.  My homes color palate has been becoming must softer, whiter, calmer and I wanted my décor to go along with that feeling.

So first I headed to Pinterest, to see what I have pinned.  Don’t TELL me you don’t know what Pinterest is!  Oh my. Smile  Another post all together.

After I got a little inspiration, I headed to my craft room…


I put together this little heart to hang in my “wall window”.  I’ve decided that a ‘wreath’ for every season shall hang here. Smile


Then I rummaged around until I found the Pride and Prejudice book that I tore apart to make my decoupage table…I used some of the pages to make these cute hearts I saw on Pinterest.


I’m not done yet sisters!  I’ll come up with more as the week progresses…we shall see. Smile


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