Thursday, September 16, 2010

This n' That Thursday...

Not sure where to's been busy, crazy, weird, confusing and interesting.  To say the least.

I'm just glad that God holds the box.  You know, the box to the puzzle.  That way I can feel assured that HE knows what the "big picture" is, because I sure don't.  No matter what, I can rest assured that He has a plan, and it will work out.

Mary is not here.  We planned to have her home on Monday, but things don't always work out the way we plan, do they?  It's been an exhausting and emotional week already, and I'm not completely sure anymore what role God is wanting us to play here.

Just weeks ago, she was calling us continually, begging us to get her out of there.  During the time that it's taken to go through all the red tape, she has become "happy" there.  Now she refuses to leave.  Now we are stuck.  She "believes" she is happy there.  Despite the fact that we feel she would be SO much happier at home.  However, we are unable to take her home against her will, no matter the state of her mind.  Red tape.

So, here I sit wondering what God's plan was after all.  Where do we go from here?  There are so many thoughts tumbling around.  But for now, I am resting.  Because this has been a stressful week with more ups and downs than I had in mind.  I am resting in knowing that God has a plan, regardless of what I can see at this point.  He has a plan.

So, what else has been going on?

My son is in Afghanistan, and he likes it.  Yes, that is the only thing that keeps me sane about it.  I don't have the kid calling home, crying that he's miserable.  He is my 'adventurer', and always has been.  So, that takes away a lot of the fears....other than the fact that I have to PRAY that he'll be smart and safe!!!!

I made a wedding cake last weekend....

I'm making a Baby Shower cake this weekend...

I thought I said I was retiring????  Hmmmm....

My garden is blooming, and that just makes me smile all over. 

The bills have finally started coming in for my hubby's "ER" visit...I've been having "fun"???? sorting out what we will owe....

Even though it's HOT outside, I have Fall on my mind.  I am lighting candles in my home to bring in the scents of Fall, and starting to think about how I'll decorate my home for the next couple of months...

I have not had a "summer" and look like a tourist from Europe...NOT a person who lives in Florida...I'm just sayin'...

I start my ballet class tonight after a summer off...that should feel good tomorrow morning...oy.

What have you been up to this week...and what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Praying for your son! Glad he is doing well! Your cake is absolutely stunning!!!

    I'm so glad God holds us in His hands and has a plan for each of us.

  2. Still praying for you and your family!! Things could completely change by next week, so just rest in the Lord! No matter what though - you have both brightened Mary's days and I'm sure that part of her feelings of contentment now are due to all of your kindness and readiness to welcome her into your home. And you have blessed so many by setting such a wonderful example - you might never know how many ways that God has already used you through this situation!

    Hugs to you my friend and I wish I could have taste-tested that cake! :)

  3. I have been following you and your story about Mary. I hope you are able to work through this and that Mary will find comfort in contentment in these later years of her life.
    What a relief to know that your adventurous son is happy where he is and that prayers are keeping him safe until he returns home.
    I have been enjoying your posts and the photos that you include. Your home in Florida looks very welcoming and "homey." I, too, am welcoming the season of Autumn, however, we have the weather to go with it up here in Minnesota. Chilly...a little rainy...little "pops" of color in the trees. I love it.
    Peace and blessings to your day.

  4. Boy, do I have alot to catch up on here!! I have been so busy with a new schedule that I am barely catching up today!!! I will have to go back on your posts to find out who Mary is! And I want to read how your hubby is doing!!!

    I've missed reading your blog, so I'm going to catch up now!