Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love Story Part 7,...we're almost there...

Well, here it is,...the long awaited final part to my sweet Love Story. Well,...it was SUPPOSED to be the final part. I'm long winded, so you still have one more after this (do I sound like a broken record?).

If you haven't read any of my Love Story posts, please start here...Love Story. Just scroll to the bottom and work your way up. :)

"So close and yet so far...After I came to Christ, Mike and I were attending the same church, but we just didn't know eachother yet."

I had been a Chrisitian for a few years, I was learning, growing, and loving the new life that Christ had poured into me. I had been blessed, too, with a good job working as a Secretary with a small company. As a single Mom, it was a great blessing to have a steady job, healthcare, and paid vacation, without a college education, it was definitely the hand of God caring for me, He always saw that my needs were met. Though I was happy in my life, I still desired to have a godly man to share my life with, someone who would be a good role model for my son, someone who loved the Lord with all his heart.

Mike had been growing as well, he dove into God's Word with all that he had, he began Bible College, as he wanted to be sure that he understood scripture and how to apply to all of life. He had come to a place in his life where he was happy single. He felt that perhaps that was what God had intended for him - single for the Lord. It wasn't that he didn't want a relationship, it was just that he didn't want all the drama and pain that can come with it - he would rather focus on what God wanted for his life....little did he know that included me! :)

Mike had always had a heart for kids, and loved being an Uncle to his many neices and nephews, so when he decided to become a volunteer at church, Sunday School seemed the perfect place. He was given the 3rd and 4th grade classes. As our church began to rapidly grow (and volunteers didn't) his classes were sometimes filled with up to 50 children at a time!

There was a little boy in his class that caught his attention, not really in a GOOD way. This little guy, Cris, was a bit roudy, didn't like to sit still and talked out of turn. Mike got the feeling that he was from a single parent home and his heart went out to him. However, while he felt sorry for the kid, he couldn't have him distrupting the class, especially not one that large, so he called for a conference with the parent....God does have a sense of humor doesn't He? :)

Meanwhile, I was attending church and serving in other areas. During service there was a certain guy that caught my eye. I vividly remember him sitting 2 rows in front of me, and slightly to the left...or should I say, I usually found a seat 2 rows behind him, and slightly to the right. :) It was a nice view, I liked his profile, I liked his long eyelashes, I liked the peaceful way he praised the Lord, I liked the way he paid attention so deeply to the sermons....pang of guilt, apparantly I was paying more attention to him than the pastor - yikes!

Don't get me wrong. I paid attention in church, I was learning God's Word and growing in leaps and bounds, but I couldn't help but notice this man. He had the most beautiful eyes and well, let's just say he caught my attention - he was a hunk! But the funny thing is, what attracted me the MOST was his passion for God's word. I see almost feel it in the way he took notes, turned his pages and listened so intently to the pastor; he never chatted or passed mints to friends, and I couldn't help but peek at him during praise and worship,...it was almost like I could feel his heart, his love for his Lord. There was something in his strong, silent demeanor that drew me to him. Well, I was a pretty shy gal (yes, it's true), and I figured unless God threw him in my lap I would never get to even know his name...

Then,...I had a dream. Oh gracious, I know, ya'll are sitting on the edge of your seats now, "Oh, she had a DREAM"....now hold your horses, this was a very nice, clean, sweet dream. I was so simple and it really WOWED me....here's how it went...

We were laying in a bed next to eachother (it was TOTALLY innocent, so keep reading), and facing eachother,...all I could see in my dream was our faces. He looked into my eyes and said "I love you,...I really love you"....and that was it. Well, I woke up in the morning and grabbed my journal and starting writing God a HUGE letter...what is that all about? Who is this guy? Why am I dreaming about him? Is he gonna be my gift???? Woo-Hooooooo! :)

Next thing you know, I am asked to meet with my son's Sunday School teacher...you know it's bad when you have a parent/teacher conference AT CHURCH! Oh my. Well, as it should be, there was another person present during our meeting. Now this may sound strange, if you go to a smallish church, or even if you go to a large church and have decent size classes, you probably know your childs teacher. However, in the early stages of our church, the classes were so large that the teacher was in the class "settling" things, while the assistant was at the door signing kids in. The parents didn't even go in the room, it would be too crazy and crowded. So I actually didn't KNOW who his teacher was! So, the meeting began, and ended...I couldn't tell you what was said, I COULD, however, tell you that his teacher had some long lush eyelashes and gorgeous eyes!!! Yes, I promised to discuss with my son his behavior...then I floated home on a pink fluffy cloud made of cotton candy....

A week or so later, I was chatting with my friend Jo Ellen near the lobby entrance at church...my back was toward the lobby and she said to me,..."Now, THERE'S a guy you should be 'going for'"...I turned around and can you guess who was in the lobby playing around with my son? Yup, Capt. Eyelashes himself! :) I almost passed out, but instead I told her about my dream! :)

One day on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to pull out some craft items. I sat at my table when I felt like God had literally spoken to me...hard to explain, but I completely felt like He said to me to make a painted craft with this verse..."Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own undertanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5,6 ~ THEN the Lord 'said' that I was to take it to church that night and give it to Mike....whom I HARDLY knew!!! By now, (after the conference), we had even acquaintance to say 'hi' in passing, chat in a group of 'singles', etc...but it had never really gone further than that - so I wasn't feeling too comfy with this whole situation.

BUT, being the obedient (and love struck) girl that I was, I painted the little wooden plaque, wrapped it in tissue paper, tucked it into my purse and then layed out a fleece for my Lord. Knowing FULL well that I wouldn't be afforded this opportunity, I said to my Lord..."The only way I can give this to him is if I find myself completely alone with him" - gutsy eh? Who do I think I am testing God like that? I KNEW that couldn't happen. It had never happened before, why would it happen now????......

Ok, I think that's MORE than enough to leave you hangin' for today, LOL...I PROMISE to have the rest up tomorrow! Promise - that's a strong word!!!

I hope you are enjoying my true love story...I am enjoying re-living it with you all!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Oh my gosh..NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Just keep going!! LOL, I'm sure I'm not the only one stuck in AWE!!!!!!!

    Wow..this just keeps getting better and better!

    I literally lol'd at the part about who has a parent/teacher conference AT CHURCH!! You know it's bad when that happens!!