Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Photo Flashbacks

I'm linking up with my sweet friend, Alicia, today. She started this meme so we could share photos from our "pre-digital" days.

Tody I'm going WAY back...this is a photo of my Great-Grandmother Bunn. This photo was taken in Laredo TX, most likely in the 1920's.

She was a very talented woman who played the piano, wrote music, sang beautifully and danced often. She found that children are more calm, and learn better when there is soft music playing in the background. In her later years, she petitioned the schools to play soft music on the overhead speakers during class.

When I was in school in Texas, we still had soft music playing on the speakers during our classes, I don't know if they do it anymore.

Go dig out some old photos and memories to go along with them!


  1. She is gorgeous! Seriously beautiful.

  2. Oh my ~ She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And wise! Children do work much better with soft music playing and they nap better too ;)

    Thanks for sharing her w us!!!

    bless you my dear friend

  3. How beautiful was she! I love that picture! It's so classic!

  4. What a neat picture. I posted about my grandpa today... good to see someone else remembering/celebrating their grandparent(or great grandparent)! :-)

  5. Awesome photo pic! It looks great! Did you have it retouched? Other photos that I've seen from that era are wrinkled and cracked.


  6. Beautiful photo! What a neat idea about the playing of soft music during school - I know I often work better when I have music softly playing. It is a shame that schools do not do that.

  7. Oh what a neat picture! And what an incredible legacy that she left. Thanks for sharing her story!

    And I agree with her completely about the music. I have found that my son concentrates much better when music is playing in the background.

  8. That's a wonderful picture and what a great story to go along with it!