Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Funnies! :)

I'm joining in with my Best Friend, Kim, today for her Friday Funnies post. If you've never read the Friday Funnies posts, you need to hop over there and get some good giggles in today! Here is what I have to share today, hopefully it will bring a giggle, or at least a smile...
This note was on the receipt printer at a gas pump....

Um, WOW, I'm so glad I caught this while it was on sale!!!!!!
And last but not least, my unwelcome little friend...I have plenty of grey hair, but my hair is so straight that it WON'T hold a curl. Then this little guy comes along, I call him my "crazy hair" - he's wavy, yup, and right on top of my head too! Such a treasure...sweet...

Have a laughter, smilin', Jesus filled, beautiful day my friends!!!!


  1. LOL!!! You and me and our grays will all grow old together! LOL
    See you in a little bit my bestest best friend.

  2. that crazy hair...gray???? Oh, no.


  3. I knew I recognized you. YOu are Kim's BFF. Why have I never stopped by before? Cute blog & those were funny. I crack up at those sales too that save you pennies. Thanks alot for running that sale. So glad I drove clear across town to save .68 cents. LOL
    I have so many gray hairs that I will trade for your one crazy. :)
    I am going to stick around. Following along!

  4. Oh my! I used to write like that! hmm I write like that! LOL

    I got my crazy hair the other day and my hubby pulled out!!! and now he has it in his wallet with a dated note =)

    Here is "My Friday☺Funnies"
    Have a Great♥Weekend!

  5. LOL! I actually saw a sale sticker once that was a bit higher than the regular price. What ARE they thinking? Oh, wait, they're not, lol!

    Isn't it funny how the unwanted hairs grow in nicer than the rest? Every now and then, I get a really thick, coarse jet black hair. I say it's the Cherokee in me coming out. 8-}

    Love ya loads, sugar pie!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. Having that camera with you at all times really does profit!


  7. Oh it's so good when we can laugh at ourselves ;)

    Um, thanks for sharing that sale with us. I think I'll go right out and buy one.

  8. Love you funny Fridays ok even if it is Saturday morning. lol
    Just hopped on over from Joanne's blog. Congrats on being one of her blessed blogs of the month!


  9. So funny!! That was a great sale - shoulda bought 2...

    You poor thing with that grey hair! Why must they be so different from the rest?? You just need to tell it who's boss - LOL! :)