Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mimi's Cafe Review - Lunch with Kim...

Lunch at Mimi's Cafe - we'll go there again!
Tuesday my best friend Kim asked me to accompany her on the difficult task of "clothes shopping" (you absolutely MUST see_her_blog on that) - anyone with a best friend KNOWS that shopping includes lunch! ;)

We decided to try Mimi's Cafe - we've never eaten there before. The place was decorated so cute, very colorful and jazzy. The service was excellent, and our server was so sweet, she even offered to take our photo! :)

The little buzzer that tells you your table is ready was kinda scary though, when it went off it really startled us - it talked to us and that was a bit strange! :)

Because of our weakness for Quiche, we both ordered the Broccoli Cheese Quiche. It comes with a muffin and a side salad. Ok, sounds fine. Well, for the price, they certainly do feed you well!!!

The muffin was huge, and we got to choose from about 4 different varieties...we split the Carrot Cake muffin and the Coffee Cake - they were totally yummy and more like a dessert!
The quiche was big, about 5 inches in diameter - and tasty with a flaky crust. It also came with a little side salad of spring greens, PLUS a slice of honeydew, cantelope, watermelon AND orange. We definitely could have split one meal and been satisfied, but instead we did our best to clean our plates.
Yummo Quiche!

After the stress of shopping we NEEDED coffee!!!!!!!! Yes, shopping_is_stressful, just about everything we found was super weird and when we found one pretty skirt it was way tooo much...
I don't think so!

Kim had a Starbucks gift card, so we headed there for a Tall Iced Mocha (with whipped cream of course). Of course, anyone knows that shopping with your best friend MUST include lunch and of course afternoon COFFEE! :) - oh, didn't I say I was giving that up?...I guess I'll give it up another day. :)

Blessings and have a beautiful fun filled day!


  1. Hee! Hee! That last picture kind of looks like we may have been laughing hysterically for a little and then tried to compose our self for a half decent picture! LOL. What a fun day!!!

  2. Well, I love you guys! You always make me smile and you always look like you're having SO much fun. Looks like you had a good girl day!

  3. Mmmmm Mimi's is good. We went to the one at Viera I think. It was goooood. Looks like you guys had fun. :)

  4. I'm so coming on your next shopping trip! The food looks yummy and the Starbucks is a must but the smiles on those faces .... yep, I want in!

    Love ya!

  5. Sounds like you had such a fun day and yes, you do need lunch AND an afternoon coffee! Thanks for sharing all the fun!