Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Hunt - Lazy

Today's Photo Hunt theme is is my take on it, :)
Crashing while swinging...from the archives... :)
Yeah, I know you gave me a spoon, but this is easier...
Me and one of my sisters worn out from shopping, waiting for another sister to "finish up", LOL...
Hubbin's wishing he could be lazy, but he's too busy building our shed...

And, of course, my all time favorite photo target, Stormie... she's REAL good at being lazy...

Ahhhh...fuzzy bear is so comfy....

Man,...what was in that water bowl?...

Do you mind? How rude, a little peace and quiet every once in a while would be nice...

Now THIS is living...

Finally, the bed is ALL mine...
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Have a blessed day!


  1. Man that is one lazy family! Great shots! Thanks for sharing!

  2. haha hubbins looks like the sloth in my pic hanging like that and he is working hard fun relaxing

  3. LOL Great pictorial on this week's theme!!

  4. Hehehe all perfect for the theme :) Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  5. OMG these are so funny. The whole family got in on the act, eh? Your dog is a character!!!

    I did Photo Hunters today, too! If you have time, pay me a visit and leave your link. :)

  6. What wonderful shots! That last one is beyond adorable!

  7. love all your shots, kathy! but i love the first shot of your baby and your older baby on that wooden swing without his shirt on! hahaha!

    and i love both of your blogs. my wife doesn't blog at all but she gets to open and read up blogs as well. she hates writing but loves reading about other people's lives and what they do. i believe she, too, will love your blog (especially your cookblog!).

    have a blessed weekend!

  8. What a bunch of lazy-bones but cute lazy-bones - even hubby! What a nice big shed he is building - am looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished project. Good luck with your cooking blog. Even this old gal loves new recipes and cooking tips!

  9. Your family members has lazy down to a science! ;-) Especially your pup! LOL
    All those lazy photos are great!:-)

  10. ahahah.... nice collections you have there... :D:D

  11. LOL those are so funny! I love the ones of Stormie. She is so cute!