Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Funnies - My Dog

Today I don't have a funny STORY, but I will share something that makes me smile - this is a day in the life of my Boxer Dog - Stormie. :)

Each day begins with brushing her teeth, then they need to be inspected...

"Wow! My teeth are really nice, aren't they?"

Next, she has to get ready for a day of running errands...

"Watch out boys - here I come!"

With so much to do in the day, she uses car time for a little quiet meditation...

"Please let the people take me out for steak,...please let the people take me out for steak...I'll be good, I promise"

Poor thing, after running errands all day, she comes home and has to clean up the house...

"WHO made this mess???"..."you people can't be trusted alone anymore"...

After that, she was in need of a quick nap...

"Hello!!!! I'm expected to get comfy on a hard bench? See what I have to put up with?"

Every afternoon, she sticks to her rigorous "Bed Aerobics" else could she keep that girlish figure?...

"Sit, Stay, Roll Over, Jump...come on girls - you can do it!"

After a quick shower it's off to her photo shoot for Dog's Illustrated...

"This is humiliating,...who's idea was this?...Hey! Are you laughing at me...this so NOT funny!?"

"Somebody is going to pay and pay BIG"

Of course, there's always time for a dinner date...
"Do I look gorgeous or what??"...

"Look at my I look ready for bed to you??? I am EXHAUSTED."
"A few hours of shuteye and it all begins again..."

Hope this made you smile today - for more Friday Funnies, click HERE.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh precious stormie! She's even cuter in person. I didn't see any pictures of me chasing her around the couch like a crazed mad woman lol.

  2. Stormie....

    What a doll! Kathy, you're a hoot! Happy Friday to you. Blessings, sweet sister.

  3. Your pictures are so cute! How much fun. I should do some funny photos with my dog STORMY too! He's a big doberman. His name is officially Storm, but we always call him Stormy. What a coincidence!

  4. Adorable!!!!!! So photogenic, too! I bet she's a ham for the camera!

  5. That is so funny. I feel really bad for my dog now. She so does not get pampered like that!

  6. How adorable! That last pic really captures the AAAAWWWWWWWW factor. Too bad we don't live closer. Stormie and Josie would have a blast running us humans ragged. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  7. Being the boxer lover that I am you are so right....I just loved it. Aren't they the neatest dogs ever? And I am sure she was saying exactly what you wrote!!! Like you, I saw it just like that in her face as well. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  8. Oh Stormie is soooo precious! She is the cutest boxer in the world! Luv ya.

  9. What adorable pictures!! I have a male boxer and we like to dress him up every now and then! You did a wonderful job of storytelling-too funny!!
    Thrifty Thoughts,
    Mommy Mia's World, &
    Mia's Motivation

  10. Stormie is so cute! Love the tutu!! ROFL

  11., Kathy - I was giggling the entire time looking at the cute photos of your dog (loved 'her' comments on everyone of them).

    Thanks so much for sharing :)