Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Other Words - Home Building...

What an honor it is to build a home. My heart aches for the women I see, women I know, who don't see the value, the honor, the awesome responsibility and importance in building their homes.

I have been there before, there was a time, before I knew Christ, that I worked hard at tearing down my own home. I succeeded, and I paid dearly for it.

Since that time, God has restored my life and He gave me a fresh start. He has given me another chance, a chance to try again, and live life according to His plan. A new home to build with the precious gift of a godly husband. I am thankfulm, so thankful for his amazing grace and I'm determined to work daily at buiding up the home He has blesssed us with.

Now that I have an "empty nest", I have had several women ask me "what I will do with my life now". Will I go out and get a job? What could I possibly do at home? Am I bored? Will I make myself "useful"? It's an easy answer for me. I will keep on doing what I am doing. Building my home did not end when my son moved out. When children are in the home, they are an integral part of building a home. However, I am my husbands wife - I am building OUR home.

I love to care for my husband. This includes everything from being there to smile at when he wakes up, having the time to bake break, make cookies, grill chicken for his lunch, iron his uniforms, cut his hair. Whatever he needs, I am happy to do for him. Taking care of our home is joy, as I want it to be a place of refuge when he comes home from work. Taking care of the gardens are a pleasure, I enjoy that he loves to see our house as he drives down the street, with flowers swaying in the breeze. I love to wash and fold his clothes, so that he will never have to worry about having something clean to wear. I could go on forever, but building my home is never gone to be done. It is a daily pleasure to work at, even when the children are gone.

:) Have a blessed day,

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  1. I loved your post. We have an empty nest, too, but the building never ceases. I love building for my husband, too. God bless you for pouring out your beautiful heart in this post.

  2. What a great post! I often remind myself that I am creating a life for my husband and I long after the kids grow up. Thanks for the clear reminders.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. Though I don't have the empty next (and I doubt I EVER will ~ LOL!) the reminder to continue building my husband is so good - with the busyness of life, he can be the neglected one! :)

  4. Our building should never cease since it is for the kingdom of God not for ourselves only.

    Great post!

  5. I agree with you whole heartedly...we are builders at EVERY season...Our lives evolve...and we become the ones that others look to for wisdom...the building never ceases...

    It's just that the construction site changes...:)
    wonderful post...
    blessings and peace!