Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why O Why?

Why O Why? ~ A Poem by Kathy Charest :)

Why O Why
Does it take so long?

To dust and swipe and move things along?

Why O Why
Can't I leave things alone?

If I touch it, or see it, it needs a new home.

To dust the office means "Make new curtains!"
Will they ever get made?  I can't be certain.

Dusting the Living room should be quite easy,
But then I decide the windows need a squeegee!

Dust the bathroom, move quickly - I can't!
Let's go to the garden and dig up a plant! 
(it'll look nice on the back of the toilet)

Enter the dining, oh isn't it quaint?  
There's teacups and photos...but wait!  THIS needs paint!

Why O Why?  I say with a sigh...
Does it take so long to move dust along?

..... I guess I'd better get back to dusting, after I get this paint off my fingers...  :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photo blogging today...

Pop over here to see my pics for the day... :)


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Joining in...

I've been out of the "constant" blogging loop for quite a while, only popping in from time to time.  However, since my dear friend Kim, over at Homesteaders Heart has tagged me, and only me, I can't help but participate. :)

So, here we go...

I write what I do for many different reasons.  Sometimes it's just because I want to share something that makes me happy, other times I feel that through life experience I may have something to offer, there are times I hope that someone out there in blogland will learn how to create something special for their home, maybe learn a cleaning tip, or take away a special nugget of scripture that God has placed in my heart.  Maybe I just want you to laugh along with me, like that time I had toilet paper hanging out of my shirt at Paneras... sigh.  So, there is no rhyme or reason.


My work is simply different because I am different.  My work is a reflection of the things that make me "me".  We are all unique and different, and isn't that the best part?  We get to see so much diversity in everyone's own creativity, speech and thoughts.

Everything.  :)  I'm always working on something and sometimes even finishing something!!!  Right now, hmmm... really?  Are you sure you want to know?  I'm making my own hammock, I'm building a piece of furniture, I'm sewing throw pillow covers, I'm making an ottoman, I'm 'thinking' about making some purses and signs and pincushions... need I go on?  Oh!  And at exactly this very moment in time, I am making bread. :)... and pizza.  :) ... and I  might make chocolate chip cookies later tonight... help!!!!! :)

Really?  There is supposed to be a process for this?  :)  Sorry...this is where the "deep" answers end... I have no process.  Well, I suppose THIS is my process.... kind of typing and then back spacing and then deleting whole paragraphs.  Walking away, coming back and typing some more.  :)  

So there you have it, not very interesting... I did want to go and backspace and delete and start over, but that's really just "me" up there. :)  Oh!  AND I love to take photos...of flowers and bugs and my dog...and my projects...which is why my projects probably take so long to finish. :)  

So, now it is my job to pass this along to another blogger to complete.  I have been out of the loop for SO long that I hardly know anyone out there anymore, but there are a few who have been sticking around to read my far and few between I will tag my friend Mikki at The Not So Perfect Housewife.  :)  She's always got something great to say; a review, a recipe, a fun story, so pop over there and check her out.  Mikki!!!  You must participate now. :)  :)  

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Canvas Drop cloth Chair Cover

Shabby to Shabby Chic!
PicMonkey Collage
Several years ago I bought an ugly green chair…and I mean UGLY!  It is big and squishy and you can easily curl up into it and read a book, but it desperately needed “coverage”.
So, all those years ago, I found this inexpensive flowery fabric and made a very sad attempt at covering my chair.  There wasn’t enough fabric to cover the back, and I ran out of fabric before I could make tie backs.  It was too tight in some areas, and sagged in others.
NOTE:  The ill fitting bottom ruffle.  The seat cushion had fabric wrapped around it and was safety pinned on the bottom.
I’m almost embarrassed to show these cheesy ribbons I pinned just to hold the fabric in place… this is a sad, sad example of a slip cover… sigh…and a very scary choice of fabric….Yikes!
I turned to my new favorite fabric for all sorts of crafts…. Canvas Dropcloth.  They are cheap, sturdy, and can be bleached if need be.  I’ve already covered my dining room chairs and made several pillows with it, so why not?  You must be flexible though, as they range in color from grey tones, tan tones to a nice off white…basically you get what you get.
My Costs:
9x12 Canvas Dropcloth  $15 (Harbor Freight) – washed, preferably bleached
Thread $3
Scrap piece of Sew-on Velcro
2 Buttons $1 (JoAnns on Clearance)
Razor knife, scissors, pins
Time:  1 1/2 days… and I mean all day that first day. ;)
First Step:  I trimmed away the “skirt” with a razor knife. It would only get in the way and add unneeded bulk.
Step 2:  Body and Back.  Making the best possible use of your fabric, lay it across the back and drape it to the floor in the back, allowing extra length for how it may be pulled up when tied back.  Don’t worry about the bottom edge at this time, just allow a little extra length.  On the sides, allow just enough for the pleats you will see in the next couple of photos.

I tucked it into the grooves and used a pencil to draw my “stitching” lines.
Once I knew where my stitching lines would be, I cut away leaving about 3/4 inch excess fabric.  On the sides I left about 4 inches, so I could work in the pleats.
I decided to tuck 3 pleats toward the back and then pull one long fold across them toward the front.  I pinned these in place and then went straight to the machine to stitch across (on the outside). I felt it would be easier if I sewed pieces in place a little at a time during this project.d
I topstitched two rows of stitching.  Then I put the piece back on the chair to move to the next step.dd 
Place it back on the chair and tuck your penciled "stitch lines" back into the creases, making sure it’s in the same position it was before.  But don't get crazy, it'll be fine. :)
Step 3:  Seat bottom and arm.  This piece was basically an easy rectangular measurement, so I measured it and stitched it to the bottom of my “back” piece along my penciled “stitching line”.  I tucked it all back into place. 
I then draped a piece of fabric over the arm of the chair, allowing it to drape past floor by at least 3-4 inches (I can hem that later).  I tucked it into the rounded fold of the upper arm and drew pencil lines by tucking my pencil into the groove.  I removed the pieces and stitched them together on the pencil lines, clipped the curves and tucked it back  into
I pinned a piece of fabric (smaller scrap piece) to the front of the arm, allowed for a seam allowance of about 3/4 inch and trimmed it to size.  At this time, I removed it, traced and cut another one identical to use on the other arm.  I pinned it back in place so it would stay firmly on the front while I worked the arm folds into place.  I pinned the arm piece to the front piece, tucking the excess into loose pleats at the top.  I didn’t make the arms too snug as I wanted it to be easy to remove the cover for washing.
I removed the pieces, re-pinned them with right sides facing and stitched together.  Clip your curves!  Replace the cover.
As an afterthought, I realized I wanted a tie back, which needed to be sewn into the outside seam of the arm.  I made 2 long straps (long enough to button in the back) opened up my seam and sewed it in place.
Then move the entire project over to the next arm and repeat.  :)
The back,arms and fronts are stitched together, now let’s work on the “details”…
I needed to do something with the excess arm fabric, so I folded it under and pinned it in place.  I intentionally used the finished edge of my dropcloth toward the back, and planned to keep that portion open for easy cover removal.i
I double topstitched this piece in place.  The stitching you see on the left (vertical) is not stitched down, this is the finished edge of the dropcloth and it is overlapping the back piece freely.
My tie backs crossed in the back, I pinned them and marked where I wanted to place buttons and buttonholes.
Ooops… I completely forgot to show any pics of making my ruffle…sigh.  I cut a piece of fabric about 60 x 18 inches.  I folded it in half and ironed it down so that it was now 60 x 9.  I layed out a tape measure and began pinning folds/pleats into place until I reached my desired length of 46 inches.  I wanted it to go around the sides just a few inches.
I began to pin this ruffle in place, folding under the raw edge of my cover and pinning over the top of the ruffle.  I adjusted the ruffle as I went so it was just about the floor.  As I turned the corner, I realized I need to make this work somehow, so I cut a “corner” out of the side and left enough fabric to fold it under and top stitch it down.
Along both sides, with my tie backs securely in place, I tucked under the hem and pinned it.  I trimmed away the excess fabric with pinking shears and top stitched in place. No fancy hemlines here.
Note:  You can see that the ruffle is under the top edge,but on top of the side edge.  This made a weird little crease in the corner…but I don’t plan to lay on the ground and stare at that so I was ok with it.
After stitching it down.
Top stitching the folded fabric over the ruffle made it almost look like a piece of piping…kind of neat!
mm n
So, now we need a comfy cushion for sitting on.  The cushion that was on the chair was in decent shape, but a little less fluffy and full than I like.  I had a pillow that would fit in there just right and I stuffed it into the casing until it was snug…and fluffy! :)  Then I zipped it up.
To make the cover for the seat cushion, I followed the basic pattern it already was made from.  I cut pieces for the sides and front.  I also cut two pieces for the back that will overlap and attached velcro so that I could remove it for easy washing.
o oo p
Ta Da!!!!  There she is…what do you think?  I’m pretty excited about it!
Details…. Although it’s not necessary I top stitched the seat edges, I think it made them neat and crisp.  r rr s ss t
Most importantly…Stormie loves her new chair!!!
I hope this tutorial was helpful to you! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beautiful Blooms

I took a stroll around my yard this morning with my Macro Lens.  Flowers that are so tiny are sometimes not even seen when you look out at the yard, but up close, they can be so beautiful!

Come join me in the garden…

Blue Daze

  blue daze

Yellow Butterfly Weed

butterfly weed

The “Flower” on the top of a corn stalk…one that was planted via birdseed. ;)

corn flower

Center of an orange Cosmo flower

cosmos flower

Hearts and Flowers

hearts and flowers macro

hearts and flowers plant

pink hearts and flowers

hearts and flowers

Itsy Bitsy Baby Lemons…or Limes?  Not sure yet.

lime bud

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather with bee mexican heather

Mother of Millions…this plant is interesting.  It’s a succulent and all the baby plants grow along the edge of the Mother plants leaves.  They drop into the soil and root themselves.

Mother of Millions Plant

Pink Vinca

  pink vinca pink vinca flower



Purple Lantana

purple lantana

Red Geranium

red geranium

Yellow Clover Flower

yellow clover flower

Yellow Shrimp Plant

Yellow Shrimp Plant 2 yellow shrimp plant flower yellow shrimp plant macro yellow shrimp plant top yellow shrimp plant

How about you?  What do you see in your yard today?