Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The first step is admitting….right?

Ok, so I admit it!  I have a problem.  A hair care problem.

Whew!  That really felt good, you know, to get that off my chest.

I decided this morning to straighten up under my bathroom sink.  Because for some reason, over the past few months, things have not been fitting into their assigned spaces.

I have been lazy about looking to find out “why” they haven’t been fitting.  I just shoved and squeezed and bought some organizing containers, and waited for the day I would decide to get down in there.

Well, among MANY other things I found this…


Yes.  These are shampoo and conditioner containers.  some are almost full, some are almost completely empty.

Welcome to my world. Smile

As I have rocked gently over the 40 slope (a few years back) my hair has been giving me some challenges.  The texture, the body, the oiliness, the limpness has been, well, different.  Sure Hormones changes…come on in! Sigh.

So, I have gone through many different types of shampoo and conditioner to solve the problem… ONLY to find that I just needed to quit conditioning my hair altogether.  Now it feels and looks great. 

Think I coulda tried this approach sooner?  Anyone need any hair care products?  Smile

However, lest you think I am the ONLY one in my family going through this issue…apparently my precious Stormie has been hoarding as well….yup.


Look at that.  How many hair care products does a dog need?

Have a beautiful day!  Go out a bathroom cabinet and see what Gems you can find. Smile

Kathy C.