Saturday, April 20, 2013

On the Swing with Lady Grey and Stormie...

Today is one of those days…

It’s overcast and breezy.

It’s quiet outside but for the gentle sounds of birds here and there, rustling leaves and distant car rumblings.

Yesterday I worked hard all day. Hard work feels good. The kind of work where you are actually on your hands and knees scrubbing something, or scouring grime from some hidden piece of equipment. Wiping those often forgotten cabinet trim pieces that collect the dirt of daily kitchen work. I worked hard, but I enjoyed my work, it is such a pleasure to care for my home.

Today, I rested, and it felt good. I made a cup of tea, Lady Grey is my favorite, headed outside to sit on my swing under our big beautiful Pecan Tree. Stormie looked up from her comfy sleeping spot and followed me outside.

I invited her up on the swing and cuddled her like a little baby. The older she gets, the more she seems to enjoy sleepy days. I sipped my tea and closed my eyes, leaning my head back. I listened…listened to the sounds around me; the breeze, the birds, the rustle of leaves as lizards scurried about. The word that came to mind was Selah.


You may think that odd, since Selah is often used in Psalms as a musical terms. How does that fit in to me hanging out on my swing with my dog?

Selah has a few biblical meanings, one of them is this: “to measure and reflect on what has been said or sung”.

As I sat there gently swaying on the swing cuddling that furry little pup and hearing her soft snorkly breathing sounds as she began to fall asleep. I ran that word through my mind again… Selah.

I measured and reflected on what I had just heard, the song that is being sung in all of God’s creation. Everything big or small, the simplest sound of a twig falling to the ground, the soft snoring of my furry friend, is a song sung by God creation.

Today was a day of resting, measuring and reflecting on the sweet, tender creation of God…He is so great and immense. So wondrous are His works…

”O Lord, how many are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions.”
Psalm 104:24


  1. Sounds Heavenly my friend. I have to lock my door and hide in my closet in order to Selah. *wink* Wait we do have a chicken that goes off around 7 before the kids get up and I do actually stop and ponder the glory of having these creatures and how God made them for their specific purpose. That's about as close to Selah as I get these days. *sigh*
    Love you my friend. It's good to "hear" from you on your blog.

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