Thursday, December 8, 2011

Engagement Party


Being the Momma, I knew they were getting engaged in Costa Rica.  I felt honored to have the “secret” bit of information.  I was even sweating alongside my son when the ring he had designed was NOT made to specifications and they had to re-make it!  He picked it up the day before they flew out on their trip.  He was nervous, he had planned this all out to a tee, and not having the ring would pretty much cause some issue.

I could hear the happiness and excitement in his voice when he called me to say he had picked up the ring, and it made my heart get all giddy.  My mind flew back to the night that Mike got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife… Smile

They were flying here from Costa Rica, and I thought it would be fun to have an engagement party once they were here. 

Cris requested it to be very casual and “chill”, so I planned a backyard hors d’ oeuvre party, and invited just family and a handful of close friends.

As many of you know, I have been a fan of Pinterest lately and I found a TON of recipes and hors d’ oeuvre ideas on there.  After the photos, I list the recipes I used and give comments on what I liked/disliked. Smile

Party in a nutshell:

Hors D’ Oeuvre Buffet… (yes, I know I could say appetizer, but isn’t that fancy name just fun to say?) Smile


There was quite a variety, and as usually happens, plenty of leftovers.  However, I tried to plan the food out so that any leftovers could be used up in the following week, and so far, that is working out great.IMG_4942

Sweets included Carrot Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, and Ginger Crinkle Cookies, along with a variety of fresh fruit – strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple…IMG_4943

My adorable Great-Niece Layla made everything brighter with her presence. Smile IMG_4947

Cris and his friend Kevin, (Homeschool friends since they were 12), challenged their ladies to a Cornhole match!


My sister Becky (center), her daughter Nikki and son-in-law Rhett discuss scoring issues with the Cornhole game. SmileIMG_4970

I asked my hubby to string lights from the Gazebo to the tree for a pretty evening glow.  I’m thankful that he did, it was pretty.  Though it wasn’t exactly cold, we had a fire going in the pit and it created a cozy hangout spot.IMG_4974

Cris and Christina SmileIMG_4994

The candid shots are almost always my favorite..I love this one.  Christina told me on the way to the airport that she loves that Cris makes her laugh.  That made me smile inside, because I say almost everyday that I love that my husband makes me laugh.  It is such a joy!!


Beautiful couple!!!  I can’t wait to see those gorgeous grandkids…no pressure, LOL. SmileIMG_5008

Me and my beautiful, future daughter-in-law.IMG_5013.1 (2)

This is why I wanted lights strung from the tree…I just think it was cozy, and pretty, and relaxing. SmileIMG_5022

Me and my hunky hubby, our friends Patrick and JoEllen (with Kim and Brad’s boys), Cris and Christina, Kim and Brad and their lovely daughter Kelsey, my “niece”…which somehow makes her Cris’ little sister, lol. Smile


Jeffrey and Brody roasting a couple of hot dogs while Uncle Mikey relaxes.IMG_5040

Later than night, once everyone had gone home and the dishes were done, floor was mopped, Cris and Christina sat down and opened up a couple of lovely gifts.  Some photo frames, cards and the best part (in my opinion) – Chocolate!!! SmileIMG_5048

Sweet Christina.  I am so thankful my son brought me a girl. Smile  I love you already Christina!  I am looking so forward to getting to know each other better and grow closer year by year.  IMG_5097

Stormie LOVES that her boy is home.  I am almost completely ignored when he’s around.


Sweet little punkin was WORN plum out after that party. Smile


Recipes I used (the photos will link you to the recipe if you click)

Dilled Baby Carrots – these were good, kinda like pickled carrots.

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Meatballs in Sweet Sauce

Variety of cheese and crackers

Fresh fruit

Fresh veggies and dip

Cheese Fondue (this didn’t work out so well, lol)

Courtesy of dear friends and family (THANK YOU!): Pioneer Woman’s Jalapeno Poppers (Kelsey), Fall Medley Stew and Homemade Pickles (Kim), White Chicken Chili (JoEllen), Sausage Balls (Donna)

Curried Chicken BallsPinned Image

Caramelized Onion DipPinned Image

Sriracha Glazed Chicken Drumettes

Pinned Image

Tortellini Antipasto KabobsPinned Image

Caprese SkewersPinned Image



  1. It was so much fun! I am so happy for them and YOU! LOL! Love you my bestest!

  2. Wow ~ you sure know how to throw a party!! All of your food looks AWESOME!!! AND you were right on about those lights!!! :)

    Cris & Christina are simply glowing :) So happy for them and YOU ♥

    No doubt, she will absolutely Love & Adore her mother-in-law and we all know that isn't always the case!! What a blessing it is when you do LOVE your in-laws :)