Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Fun!

I haven't blogged in a while, but when I saw this photo challenge, well, it just looked kinda fun.  So, I'm joining in! :)

Each day in June, there is a specific assignment...pop over here for more info.  Here's the "List"...

Since I'm starting on day 2, I shall "catch up"...shouldn't be too hard..except for the fact that I had to take photo of ME... I do not like to pose for myself. 

JUNE 1 - Self Portrait

I thought about getting all dressed and ready to go somewhere then taking the picture, but threw caution to the wind and just shot myself as I look in the morning... yup.  There I am in all my Morning Glory. :)

JUNE 2 - Your Favorite Shoes

I am not a big "shoe" person.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shoes, I try them on a LOT, lol.  But it doesn't make sense for me to buy several shoes when I am a simple kind of gal and really, tennies, sandals and garden boots are all I need.  BUT my sister sent me a gift card for TJ Maxx for Mother's Day..SWEET!  I bought these adorable sandals!  Love them.


  1. Great job!! Great to see you posting.. I've missed ya :-)..
    Be on the lookout tomorrow on my blog. I'm going to bestowing you an award :-)

  2. I love your self portrait my friend AND love the shoes. Glad you're joining in. It's fun!
    Love ya my bestest.

  3. You have the prettiest smile!! LOVE the shoes!!